Happy 107th Birthday The Irish Guards

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    Irish Guards formed 107 years ago today some of you might remember:D Only an Irish regiment could form on the 1st of April. :group2:


    By R. Flynn

    Have you ever met the Micks me lads, when wandering round the town,

    They are the crowd of Irishmen, whose fame is renown.

    There's Alexander, Mungo Park and Michael Vernon too,

    But these names I state to you me lads, are merely just a few.

    Now once you join the Irish Guards, then you're a Mick for life,

    They'll stand by you, through thick and thin, through every kind of strife.

    And should you ever be in a fight, with your back against the door,

    Just holler 'UP THE MICKS' me lads, for that's their call for war.

    They've been in many battles, and you'll find they always win,

    For you'll never meet a Mick me lads, who says 'Well I'll give in'

    They'll do or die, they're trained that way, they think the life is grand,

    And heaven help old England, if they all came to Ireland.

    Each one of you went through the mill, your life was made real hard,

    But every single one of you, became an Irish Guard.

    Those days are gone 'tis sad to say, but memories fondly cling,

    And the Devil who chased the most of you, was known as Pokey Flynn.

    The pride he took in his uniform, they still speak of today,

    And if your cap peak was a fraction out, my god, there was hell to pay,

    I'll make a Mick of you me lad, or die in the attempt,

    There's many often wished he would, tho' it really was not meant.

    As time goes by, old Micks pass on, but their names are ne'er forgot,

    For they helped to rewrite history, tho' it may not be a lot,

    And as Peter greets them at the gates, with a smile upon his lips,

    The Angels all in chorous sing welcome 'UP THE MICKS'

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    Happy Birthday The Micks.

    On 21st April 1900, the first recruit, James O’Brien of Limerick, was enlisted and many followed as a free transfer was offered to all Irishmen serving not only in the Guards Brigade but also from the Line Regiments.

    IG History

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