Hans Frank and Otto von Wachter...admission of guilt as seen by their sons.

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    Saw this compelling documentary on Tuesday night BBC 4 2300-0030 where the guilt of the fathers is discussed by the two sons.Both fathers were career Nazis,one German and the other,Austrian.The third member of the documentary party was Philippe Sands QC, whose family,apart from his grandfather,some eighty strong were among the 3500 murdered in Galicia in 1942.Sands continually probed Horst von Wachter's reasoning of protecting his Austrian father throughout the documentary.Sands led the group to the memorial at the open neglected site where the 3500 murdered were shot and buried as they fell...very emotive coverage.

    One,Niklas Frank readily accepts his father's involvement in the atrocities that took place in the East....he remarks that his father Hans Frank,a father he clearly resents, the Governor General of Poland, loved Hitler more than his family.

    The other, Horst von Wachter,whose father Otto was the Governor of Galicea and who involvement is clear to see as validated by documentation, directing and implementing the Final Solution strives to establish that his father was a good man despite evidence to the contrary.His father,Horst claims was instrument in assisting the Ukrainians to wrest independence from the SU by forming in 1943, his "Ukrainian Division," designated by Himmler as the14th Waffen SS Galacia Division 1. Horst becomes upbeat when in the Lviv area (Galacia) now Ukraine,the party attend an SS commemoration where burials of the recovered dead are shown as being laid to rest.The participants are wearing Nazi uniforms and Horst seems to be more than content that his father is revered by this Ukrainian group.

    As regards the fate of the fathers,Frank was executed after the Nuremburg tribunal trials,while von Wachter,in Italy as his last posting escaped justice, being assisted to vanish within Italy by the Catholic church.Apparently he picked up an infection from swimming in the Tiber in 1949 and died from the effects...some claim that he was poisoned....taken to hospital he revealed his true identity but the Polish government may have been aware of his presence in Italy for they attempted to have him extradited without success.

    Nazi sons Niklas Frank and Horst von Wachter look back at ‘What Our Fathers Did’ | Daily Mail Online

    My father, the good Nazi

    An excellent documentary which revisits the events of the Final Solution on the Eastern Front.
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