Handwritten Codes on Casualty Records

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    I believe the code you refer to is the CWGC reference and the more important information is that which follows
    ie. Sheet 109 MR 945687 which is a map reference and which I am sure a Forum member
    will be able to interpret for you.
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    Thanks all for Casualty List & Map 109 showing initial burial location of my Grandad - Trooper R G Parker - died of wounds 03-09-1944
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    Hi Joe - my Grandad, Trooper R G Parker, died of wounds on same day as yours and both buried at this initial location before being moved to Gradara. Both probably received wounds from same shelling attack from Tavoleto OP
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    I am going to be on the Gothic Line in Sep 19 and the very first Briefing Point is 800m from where your grandfather was initially buried.

    If you would like a photo of the spot, please say and I will get you one.


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    Is it just me or has the merging\splitting of these threads made them incomprehensible?
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    I don`t think the merging was the problem the question asked when Owen merged them was relevant to the thread title however the later posts refer to `CWGC` documents not the casualty lists from findmypast :)

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    Based on the original topic;
    "Handwritten Codes on Casualty Records"
    Does anyone know what the handwritten "noted on published rough - see Q.B. 13" means?

    I have seen it on several Casualty Lists in regard to repatriated men.


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    Casualty Branch files state it was policy was to split the listings for units as much as possible. Casualties from same units on same day would, therefore, be spread over a few publication dates. I've seen this eg in The Times when researching the Irish Guards.

    I wonder if the numbers refer to the published Casualty List number for that year. Should be easy enough to check, if someone had access to online newspaper archives.

    Edit: earlier posts

    TNA WO 417 - War Office: Army Casualty Lists, 1939-45 War
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