Handwritten Codes on Casualty Records

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    I thought that it might be Field Hospitals until I noticed that 1 SUFFOLKS were on the same page and they were nowhere near Anzio.


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    This question has been raised very recently on another thread. Unfortunately no one has yet come up with the answer. My guess was that it might refer to a Press release of casualties.
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    Just a thought, but have you considered looking at the Kings Regulations of 1940? The copy that I have is a reprint incorporating Amendments (Nos.1 to 66) 1945. The different coloured ink does not help. I'm not sure if the above book will help? Where did you get this document from & is it from a War diary page? Some one has made amendments with tape & changed the No's. I'v also had a butchers at the rear of the Irish Guards but the these No's don't appear.

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    From a link in the other thread, my bold:

    Could the number be the Distribution List - a cross reference from the Record Sheet? I don't have access to my PC with all the Casualty lists on but I'm pretty sure the numbers are sequential over time. Note also those who are reported as died of wounds on the Casualty list do not have the number.
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    hi guys,
    I’m certain this has been asked before but I can’t find anything to answer this:
    On a casualty form/record, what are the hand written numbers referring to?

    Many thanks,

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    Did anyone come up with a definitive answer in the end ?
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    Afraid not, still intrigues me, there must be an answer out there somewhere.
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    Just something else to ponder. I am transcribing some of these list and and have come across a few where the number I came across number has been struck out and N.B.C. has been handwritten like the image attached. What does N.B.C. refer to - non-battle casualty?

    Note I think the N.P.C. may just be the pen...I've seen a number with N.B.C. but no others yet with N.P.C.
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    During your search - are the NBC's generally Pioneer Corps or are they from other Corps/Regiments - just thinking along the lines of 'non' front line troops ??

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    No, not just non-combat arms - but the N.B.C. is pretty unusual:


  13. Gary Tankard

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    Based on this pretty sure N.B.C. is 'Not a Battle Casualty'. What does the M.C. refer to? It is often seen next to corrections - 'M.C. Amended', 'Deleted in M.C.' etc

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    ome other entries to give weight to the idea these refer to press releases. Every now and again the numbers are pre-fixed with a 'P' i.e. P598. And secondly there are sometimes hand written entries referring to press releases or not published - these always seem to have the number struck through in red as above. In the cases below these are to be corrections of regiments.

    The entry for Pte. Marrion from 1334/17 (although this appears to be 'a correction to a correction' and not published):

  15. Gary Tankard

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    Other times the number seems to be struck through are when a person has been reported as 'Wounded' and subsequently is reported as 'Died of Wounds' or 'Killed in Action' and as above when the unit has been wrongly recorded:


    The subsequent entry from 1418/12 - note these doesn't have the new 'number' next to them as this has already been included in the above:

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    Does anyone have access to newspaper archives to see if the casualty lists were numbered when they were published?
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    Further to my Post 13.

    General procedure for dealing with Casualties in War, 1939

    Taken from the above. Is this the answer?

    Publication Section.

    A decision as to whether casualties will be published, and in what form, has to be taken on mobilisation and our procedure will depend on this decision. As at present visualised we will issue daily lists to the Press. These (Monday to Saturday) will be stitched up weekly and published for sale by H.M.S.O. by the following Tuesday.

    The procedure will be:-

    1 . The Lists issued by the Distribution Section will be arranged in two Sections, Officers and Other Ranks. These will again be divided into categories of casualty, i.e. “Killed” will all be together irrespective of Regiment. Names will be alphabetical order and numbers of battalions will not be shown. e.g.
    The following casualties have been reported under various dates:-

    Officers Killed.
    Comery, Captain, A.F., East Yorkshire Regiment
    Davis, Lt., W.G., London Regiment

    Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men Killed.
    Royal Engineers.
    Beaumont, 114734, Driver, B., (Muswell Hill, N).

    (If a large number of casualties occur among military personnel at Home through air raids, it may be decided to publish these by instalment. Policy may dictate also other precautions).

    2 . The draft lists after being given a number will be sent to the Other Ranks Index Section for insertion of the address (town only) of the next-of-kin, and checking of particulars and to the Officer’s Section Main Index for checking.

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    casualty list.png

    Does anyone know if the ink pen annotations beside each casualty (719,713 etc) have any significance? Are they of any importance or just some sort of administrative check?
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    Moved your post into this thread as I think the answer is in here somewhere.
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    On one of the documents I have found on my grand father there is a code

    1CGR/ EJS 2100

    Could this be a reference to his original burial site until been interned to an official cwgc grave site?

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