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  2. yogib

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    Sam6 Italy.jpg

    one of the few i have !!
    also have one of him driving an american half jeep half boet thing would like to find out what it is....will post on here whe i get the chance maybe u chaps can tell me.
  3. yogib

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    off to bed thanx guys hope to catch up with this 2mora thanx again for all ya help si.
  4. Tom Canning

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    Yogib -
    thought there might a medical reason for leaving a fighting unit to take on a base wallahs job - his service record will indicate where and when he was in Hospital - I would assume this to be -probably the 98th gen Hosp in Algiers
    the 4th Div insignia was a Red circle with a quarter quadrant cut out denoting 4th

    The A.M.G.O.T. was in fact Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories but to us - this was where our currency came from as we did not use the Italian lire - they did the civil stuff with the local councils - allocating space for various divisions and that sort of thing - but to us they were the Treasury Dept handing the cash over to the pay corps - for our one pound per week to go mad on !
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    [FONT=&quot]The 2/4th Battalion.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Details taken from "The Royal Hampshire Regiment 1918 - 1954" by David Scott Daniell.[/FONT]
    " [FONT=&quot]that night a fierce German counter-attack was made by the Germans ", [/FONT]

  6. yogib

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    cheers tom now i did come across the red circle but he couldnt have worn all of these badges so which ones would you go for i have the 43rd wessex the yellow dragon or the red circle? this was when igot confused as to which one?
  7. Owen

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    posted 4th bat. hampshire regt. 17 may 1939
    posted 2/4th bat. hampshire regt. 23 august 1939
    called up for service 02 sept 1939
    enbarked uk for north africa 06 jan 1943
    posted to school of instruction 141 force AMGOT 1943
    wounded in action 2nd week of march 1943 exact date unknown
    posted to AMGOT 15 army group central mediterranean force 25th oct 1943
    entrained milan for uk 10th ocy 1945
    arrived uk 18th oct 1945
    proceeded on leave 20th oct 1945
    released army reserve 17th jan-10th feb 1954
    allocated to general reserve 11 feb 1954-05 april 1956
    service with the colours 17th may 1939- 05 april 1956

    Going by this it looks like he was posted away from his Bn .
    As for badges,
    It a WYVERN not a dragon on 43rd Div badge up to June 42, so I wouldn't really worry about that.
    Oak Tree of 46 th Div who 2/4th were with in Tunisia.
    Forget the 4th Div as it looks like he wasn't with his Bn when they were in 4th Div.
  8. yogib

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    hi owen so an oak tree i shall have a look for it see what it looks like !!
    then after this it would have been 15th army group when in italy? a blue and white wavey badge?
  9. Owen

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  10. yogib

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    is this the one?

    The tree represents a Sherwood Forrest oak, chosen for this Territorial Army Division because it was composed of Territorials of the north-midland counties:confused:

    Brigades 137th Infantry Brigade 02.10.1939 - 19.07.1942 128th Infantry Brigade 15.08.1942 - 31.08.1945 138th Infantry Brigade 02.10.1939 - 31.08.1945 139th Infantry Brigade 02.10.1939 - 29.11.1944 &
    18.01.1945 - 31.08.1945
  11. yogib

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    lol owen your to quick !!
  12. yogib

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    so far then i have this :

    1st army 1st-army.jpg

    46th inf. div 46th-infdiv.jpg

    now the red stripes that indicated seniority is there any way of finding out how many he would of had 1 2 or3?

    and is square you posted before with half yellow and half black still relivent?
  13. Owen

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    2/4th Bn left the 46th Div in May 43 so only relevent until then.
    128 Bde was senior brigade in 46th Div so they had just the one red stripe.

    Another pic from Mike Chapell book, an officer from 5th Bn.
    I think the text is actullay yellow on black not blue as I said before.

  14. Owen

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    also from same book


  15. yogib

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    spot on nice one owen!!!! so the one on the left!!!

    he was only there till 1943 then got posted to 15th army group so would have changed again makes sence!!!!
  16. yogib

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    owen i noticed this in another post you made does this not conflict with what you have here ? just want to double check lol

    Tom, you've the wrong Battalion.
    1/4th R Hamps were in 46 Div.
    2/4th R Hamps were in 28 bde, 4 Div .
    Donnie, gimme a mo & I'll post a page from the Regimental History
  17. Owen

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    No because the 2nd Bn replaced the 2/4th Bn in May 1943 in 128 Bde, 46 Div.

    That comment comes from another thread & at that time 2/4th were in 28 Bde , 4th Div.
  18. yogib

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    oh ok thank owen are you as good on ww1 uniforms as you are on ww2 ones?
    my father has asked if i could ask your advice on a photo we have of my ggf there seems to be a badge on his left wrist was hoping you might know what it is...:huh:

    willie bellamy_edited-1.jpg
  19. Owen

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    Too small to make out, looks too low down for a trade badge sure it's not a mark on the photo?
  20. yogib

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    no there is no mark on the original i was thinking it was a long service badge he joined in 1903 till 1919 but its upsidedown and on the incorret arm isnt it?

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