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    I've recently discovered the crash sites of 2 Hampdens which crashed within 1 mile of each other on the North Norfolk coast.

    Handley Page Hampden Mk.B.1 Serial number: X3023
    Date: 0630 20th November 1940
    LA number:6429
    ID: KM?
    Squadron: 44 Squadron Waddington
    Destination: Lutzkendorf

    Sgt J.L.F.Ottaway KIA 528798 NORWICH CEMETERY, NORFOLK, Sec. 54. Grave 556.

    P/O A.R.Kerr KIA 79182 CARLISLE (DALSTON ROAD) CEMETERY, Ward 11. Sec. B.1. Grave 65.

    Sgt S.F.Elliott KIA 935731 YORK CEMETERY, YORKSHIRE, Section A. Grave 27. 9677.

    Sgt Bird Injured

    Can anybody provide me with more information on the crew? The fate of Sgt Bird is still a local mystery.


    Handley Page Hampden Mk.B.1 Serial number: X2916
    Date: 0059 11th August 1941
    LA number:????
    ID: KM-D
    Squadron: 44 Squadron Waddington
    Destination: Night Training Mission

    Any info on this aircraft and crew would be very much appreciated. I believe that this was a forced landing with no fatalities.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    From " The Hampden File" by Harry Moyle pg 119
    x2916 44/25OTU 11.8.41 crashed 1 1/2m SW of Mission bombing range; cause obscure PO A W Genth; PO T G Boucher SGT R J Moss SGT T W Clarke all killed Night Training
    I don't yet own the Chorley book on OTU's but perhaps someone else can post the info from there.
    As to the first Hampden loss
    both Chorley and Moyle listed the injured sergeant as Hird not Bird which may help your search.
  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    From Chorleys Vol 7

    Hampden I X2916
    25 OTU C Flt

    took off Finningley for a night bombing exercise over the mission range.Lost control while flying 2 miles SW of the range and crashed at 22.30
    It is reported that the crew had been given permission to land.
    Three rest in the extension to Finningley(St Oswald) churchyard while Sgt Moss was taken to Yardley Birmingham.P/O Boucher RCAF had attended St Patricks College Ottawa,where he had won the Doras Trophy.
    PO A W Genth; PO T G Boucher SGT R J Moss SGT T W Clarke all killed Night Training

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    Thanks to you both.

    X3023 - I shall try and find out what happened to 'Sgt Hird'.
    X2916 - I need to talk to more locals as the deaths of all the crew for this event was unexpected.

    Further info regarding X3023. Although this crash was put down to 'bad weather', one of the components I have recovered from the site has two clear bullet strikes, one of which had punctured the flow line of the component. (see att)

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    Where on the North Norfolk coast did they crash?
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    The Village of Northrepps just outside Cromer

    Handley Page Hampden Mk.B.1 X2916
    (Beginning to wonder whether this is a misidentification)

    Handley Page Hampden Mk.B.1 X3023
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    Does anyone have any information, please, about the crash of another Handley Page Hampden at Bluestone Plantation near Cawston in Norfolk UK in 1941? I believe the crew - all of whom were lost - were named Frutiger, Chanin, Hill and Gapp. It had flown from Hemswell to Wilhelmshaven. Thanks.
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    Would this be one of them?
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Walter E Frutiger
    Registration Date: 1917
    Registration district: Barnet
    Inferred County: Greater London
    Re-registration Year: 1917
    Mother's Maiden Name: Zuegel
    Volume Number: 3a
    Page Number: 661

    UK and Ireland, Find A Grave Index, 1300s-Current
    Name: John Walter Eric Frutiger
    Death Date: 10 Feb 1941
    Cemetery: Bells Hill Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Barnet, London Borough of Barnet, Greater London, England
    Has Bio?: Y
    Father: Hans F. Frutiger
    Mother: Hildegard Frutiger
    URL: https://www.findagrave.com/mem...

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    Sergeant (Wireless Operator)
    Service Number 935567
    Died 10/02/1941
    61 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force

    Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner)
    Service Number 701878
    Died 10/02/1941
    61 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Sergeant (Pilot)
    Service Number 754943
    Died 10/02/1941
    Aged 21
    61 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Arthur and Mary Chanin, of Reading, Berkshire.

    Flight Lieutenant (Pilot)
    Service Number 72543
    Died 10/02/1941
    Aged 23
    61 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Hans and Hildegard Frutiger, of New Barnet.

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    Yes, that's the crew - thanks, TD. Our local historical society in Norfolk is going to place a plaque in their memory.
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    I live in Southrepps and know Northrepps very well I am looking at crash sites in the local area

    Chris Doughty
    44 78646867l
    I would be glad to help. I am exRAF and well retired my father was WW2 rear gunner wireless operator.

    A Handly Page Hampden Mk1 on a Bombing Raid to Lutzkendorf
    From RAF Waddington 44 Sq tail no X3023KM crashed in a field in Southrepps Norfolk England.
    Bird Sgt injury only
    Have been finding bit of plane with green paint and rivetts just laying on top of the field.
    Not sure if it's from this one as other crashes happen I have been told
    B24s and B17s and Spitfire and a land mine went off in a field after ever one had looked at it in the day time woke them that night going off in wartime sadly the main villagers that know so much have all past us by if any one can help with more info on this or the other crashes please do many thanks ...and they will be ploughing the field soon what other thinks Will come to the top must get my metal Tec working and talk to the land owner more...if any one near by would like to help find more bits get in touch please..
    A Spitfire which crashed in the field known as '110 acres' where a trench had been excavated to stop German landing. Finished upside down, but pilot O.K.
    There was a later crash in the same field to the Eastern side near the White House by a Flying Fortress, which finished up across the Trunch Road with the end of a wing bent against a tree.
    Much later (1950s/1960s) a Hunter jet powered into this field on a foggy morning, disappearing entirely in to a huge crater. Crew baled out. Remains never excavated.
    Another flying fortress earlier crashed on the road to Northrepps just North of Southrepps church.
    Most notable was the landing (after all but one crew had baled out) of a badly disabled Liberator in the field near the railway line, clipping a tree, and finishing up under the power cables. The Americans built a runway in the sugar beet field while stripping the plane to bare essentials and doing repairs. This took a long time and gave some local youngsters the chance for a ride in the Lysander which visited daily. Eventually the Liberator took off bound for (I think) Coltishall.
    A meteor crashed just South in Antingham (?) reducing itself to scrap. No idea, but late in war. Have no idea as to whether the decoy airfield in Antingham had any bearing on this.y

    Chris Doughty
    44 78646867l

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