HALIFAX MkV LL 114 - Crash

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    All the Handley Page drawings and other records are kept by the RAF Museum and IWM. Best approach is through the RAF Museum.
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    After the publication of my book "CRASH HALIFAX LL114"
    I have received some messages by French readers.(Sorry the book is in French langage).

    One with the ATF6 of 5 nov. 1943.
    You can read on this one that the code operation JOHN35 is associated with a DZ near Valence.
    code name AIGUILLON / 45°02'45"N-04°56'04''E
    The problem is that all the documents that I have collected during my search give :
    Code operation JOHN35 associted with a DZ near APT
    Code name ABRIS./ 44°00'37''N-05°25'40''E.

    Is it possible to have the same code operation associated with two differents DZ ?
    Unless I am mistaken, up to now, I was sure that a code operation was attached to only one DZ.
    I need you light.

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  3. Bandy

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    By chance, 77 years later after the crash I have discovered not to far the VERCORS place, a great and heavy piece of an aircraft.
    I think that is one of the four Halifax propeller hub, but I am not sure at 100%.
    What do you think about this one ?

    Propeller hub Halifax (1).jpg
  4. Harry Ree

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    It certainly appears that it is a prop shaft hub for a 3 bladed propeller.

    I cannot think the Halifax had props other than the 3 bladed prop.

    Was the hub found close to the crash site?

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