HALIFAX MkV LL 114 - Crash

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  1. Bandy

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    I try to find all informations about the crash of this plane during the night of 7 to 8th feb 1944.
    I live near Autrans (France) where I can see the grave of the Crew.
    I have the name of the 7 members of the crew.
    My specific question is about the aim of this mission and also about the operation JOHN 35.
  2. Pat Atkins

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    That operation name suggests a Special Duties operation to drop e.g. supplies, parachutists to Resistance groups. Assuming this is the Autruns near Grenoble that would make it even more likely. 138 (SD) Squadron at Tempsford, England, operated Halifax's in this role, as did 624 (SD) at Blida, Algeria. I know 624 flew operations to this part of France, no idea about anyone else. When I get a chance I'll check what records I have for 624 and see if anything matches, if nobody else has answered this by then (I bet they will!).

    Cheers, Pat.
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  3. Peter Clare

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    Cummings in ' Though Without Anger' gives the following.......

    8 February 1944

    Halifax LL114
    138 Squadron

    The aircraft crashed about 9 miles west of Grenoble (Autrans Isere, France) whilst on task John 35. The circumstances of the loss are not known


    F/O. Gerald Dennis Carroll 21 Pilot +
    P/O. Arthur Edward Reid 22 RCAF Navigator +
    Sgt. Ronald Denis Clement 22 +
    Sgt. Peter Theodore Thompson 21 +
    F/S. James Alvin Taylor 19 RCAF Bomb Aimer +
    Sgt. Gordon Stanley Woodrow 20 +
    Sgt. Kenneth William Radford 20 +
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  4. dp_burke

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    Both the RCAF mens service files would be available to veiw on ancestry.com with a long or short subscription.
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  5. Tricky Dicky

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  6. Jedburgh22

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    The Aircraft was Halifax LL114 the pilot was flying his fifth SD Mission It was a resupply mission for F Section of SOE and dropped 12 containers and 8 packages with an additional task of dropping leaflets (NICKELS) of which 8 lots were to be dropped
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  7. Harry Ree

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    The area of the crash was in the northern area of the Vercors.I have not been able to ascertain the SOE DZ although it was in the area of the Jockey Circuit (Francis Cammaerts)

    The other thought is that the Halifax may have been off course and south of its DZ, for just north of Autrans was Richard Heslop's Marksman Circuit in the Ain.

    As regards organised resistance on the Vercors,by the summer of 1944,the Maquis declared the Vercors liberated territory which drew a German response in June and July.Two German divisions assaulted the plateau aided by air superiority, the vanguard being 300 paratroopers flown in by primitive but fit for purpose gliders.The result was that the Maquis,lacking heavy weapons were overwhelmed on the plateau.The usual reprisals were taken against the population,the memorials,cemetery and museum bearing testimony to the uprising 73 years ago.

    The Vercors...a beautiful area to visit on holiday and very interesting to gain an insight to the happenings all those summers ago.

    There should be some reference to John 35 in the appropriate official files.
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  8. Bandy

    Bandy Junior Member

    Who is who

    I have only this picture without legend.

    Crew LL114 jpeg.jpg

    F/O. Gerald Dennis Carroll 21 Pilot
    P/O. Arthur Edward Reid 22 RCAF Navigator
    Sgt. Ronald Denis Clement 22
    Sgt. Peter Theodore Thompson 21
    F/S. James Alvin Taylor 19 RCAF Bomb Aimer
    Sgt. Gordon Stanley Woodrow 20
    Sgt. Kenneth William Radford 20

    May be my search is like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but why not ?
    In this 2d of January 2018, happy new year to all the readers.
  9. alieneyes

    alieneyes Senior Member


    No. 6 is your Pilot, F/O Carroll. Look at the Flying Badge (full wing) above his left breast pocket.

    The attached photos are of the Air Bomber, F/Sgt Taylor RCAF who does appear to be No. 7 and the Navigator, P/O Reid, RCAF is No. 5.



    Attached Files:

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  10. alieneyes

    alieneyes Senior Member

    Mayor Barnier's letter.png Burial service Halifax LL114 crew.png
  11. Bandy

    Bandy Junior Member

    A new step in my search
    I have found the BBC message to the start of the JOHN 35 opération.
    7 february - Nb 8 - "Fermez le gaz. Nous disons".

    This date in conform with the date of the crash (night 7 to 8 feb. 44)
    Message BBC 7 fevrier.jpg
    The destination of this operation is always unknow, but I dont despair...

  12. Bandy

    Bandy Junior Member

    New picture :
    Today I do a short visite to the "musée de la Résistance" in Vassieux en Vercors:

    This is the Halifax LL114 compass.
    - The glass is broken
    - The magnetic arrow is always in order to point the North
    - The grey arrow is on the 310° direction.

    More informations about this item are welcome.

    Other picture will be sent tomorrow.
  13. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    Taylor, James Alvin

    138 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)

    Flight Sergeant


    8th February 1944

    Age 19

    Autrans Communal Cemetery,France Grave 5

    Son of James Prunty and Mary Olive Taylor,200 Balsam Avenue South,Hamilton,Ontario,
    educated Wentworth Street Public School
    educated Central Collegiate Institute
    joined RCAF July 1942
    air bomber
    SOE Op.John 35,France
    Halifax LL114
    crashed Autrans,Isere,France

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  14. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    Reid, Arthur Edward

    138 Squadron (R.C.A.F.)

    Flying Officer


    8th February 1944

    Age 22

    Autrans Communal Cemetery,France Grave 2

    son of Robert and Mary Reid,Windsor,Ontario,Canada
    SOE Op.John 35,France
    Halifax LL114
    crashed Autrans,Isere,France

  15. Bandy

    Bandy Junior Member


    New pictures of the Halifax LL114 piece keep in the "musée de la résistance" Vassieux en Vercors.

    I think that is the a command system, but what command ?


    This is a détail part of this command:


    More informations are welcome.


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