Halifax DT767 MV-P 76 Sqn lost 1st March 1943

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    can anybody help with any information on the loss of Halifax DT767 which was lost on a raid to Berlin on the 1st Mar 43? I am also trying to find out how many Ops they had flown prior to this raid. Any info would be greatly appreciated,
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    Errol Martyn's "For Your Tomorrow, A Record of New Zealanders Who Have Died While Serving in the RNZAF and Allied Air Services Since 1915, Vol 3" states pilot NZ415056 F/O Norman Scott Black was posted to No. 76 Squadron 21 October 1942. He had 23 ops at the time of his loss.


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    From the Aviation Safety Network website:

    Halifax DT767 MP-V of No 76 Squadron
    Lost 01:05 2nd March 1943
    Location: North Sea 40 km west of Texe
    Shot down by Lt. Robert Denzel of the 12./NJG 1, flying Bf 110 G9+GZ from Bergen airfield.
    Fatalities: 7 / Occupants: 7
    Departure airport: RAF Linton-on-Ouse

    Accident Handley Page Halifax Mk II DT767, 02 Mar 1943

    The crew of of seven are listed here (including F/O N S Black RNZAF)


    A little more on Norman Scott Black is here:


    and from a website entry for Sgt Rupert Whitcombe of 50 Squadron who was also killed on 2nd March in the same raid:

    On 1st March 1943 Sergeant Whitcombe, on his 19th mission, and the other seven members of 50 Squadron’s Lancaster ED 423 VN - N took off from Skellingthorpe for a air raid joining 155 Lancaster’s, 86 Halifax and 60 Stirlings, the target was Berlin. The raid was undertaken in the month of the 10th anniversary year of Nazi party coming to power and was a demonstration of the RAF power, the raid was considered a success.[vi] Twenty aircraft were lost......


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    Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated,

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