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    The tanker says 'airfield' to me, but I really don't know.

    One more for the picture heap. A convertible no less.:

    And, rather magnificently, a German 7 in use by the RAF as a fire tender:
    Oldie (65).JPG
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    Thanks for fixing all those photo links!
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    I keep coming back to halftracks, despite a paucity of really decent books on my shelves.
    Got Spielberger's on German gear, though it's a slightly odd one, and assorted Osprey style things, but not much truly solid.
    Might have to treat myself to the Hunnicutt one, as it appears some genius is finally printing his stuff on demand for a reasonable price.
    R P Hunnicutt - AbeBooks

    Something fascinating about them.
    Maybe that 'short-lived as a concept' thing.
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    Must have run them for longer in a serious manner than anyone else.
    Lots of current runners and restorations appeared to be getting their tracks from NOS Israeli sources. I think manufactured there, but don't quote me.
    Seems to be the tracks that give the most trouble to restorers/owners I've spoken with. Perishable rubber/steel bands that cost an eye-watering amount to replace (can't remember the figure, though. One chap who owned a couple said bad tracks were enough of an expense to damn some potential restoration candidates. That was years ago though, so maybe the value of a finished one has made it worth the candle.)

    A batch of US machines currently on sale in France, but no prices:
    M16,M16A1,M16 A2 anti aircraft, M3 troop carrier WW2 halftracks - Armour - MILWEB CLASSIFIEDS

    Czech sale, so you immediately think OT810 conversion, but claiming not. 512K euros:
    SdKfz. 251 7/D half-track - Armour - MILWEB CLASSIFIEDS


    I'd still like to see an OT810 displayed as an OT810 one day.
    Won't hold my breath, though.
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    Czar's Packard

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    Here's Lenin's Rolls. Looks like the same type of track assembly used on the Packard.

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    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
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    Mr Fletcher discusses the Land Rover Centaur.

    Used to be one lived near is in Hampshire.
    Never realised as a kid just how rare it was.
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    Oliver Model B

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    The Russians thought so

    A claim was made in the memoirs of a Russian Colonel that a tractor factory near St Peterburg (Petrograd) produced about a dozen armoured cars based on the Strait tracks and Lanchester components left over from the RNAS squadron of Locker Lampson and they saw action in 1918. I've never been able to find anything to confirm or disprove this but here is my interpretation of what they might have looked like.
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    Allis-Chalmers in Russia during WWI


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