Half a dozen trouble makers ready to go.

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    Just a beautiful sight, had to post it. Enjoy!

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    105 Squadron. DZ360 GB@A was lost on 22 Dec 1942
    If GB@E is DZ353 that later went to 627 Squadron and was lost 9 June 1944

    The furthest is coded GB@H and might be DK298. If so then it was shot down on 2nd July 1942 with the loss of 2 crew including W/Cdr Oakeshott (as was DK294). As the first 2 appear to be later serials. then perhaps the photo is between July and December 1942.
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    No 105 Squadron later to become one of Bennett's pathfinder squadrons.

    In March 1943 Guy Gibson left No 106 Squadron at Syerston to form No 617 Squadron at Scampton. One of his Flight Commanders,John Wooldridge left at the same time to command No 105 Squadron....lately a Sergeant Pilot on No 61 Squadron at Hemswell in 1940 and became the first C.O in the New pathfinder role.

    105 Squadron
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    When I was a kid, I thought that the P-40 (I was a huge Flying Tiger fan), the Spitfire and the Mosquito were the best looking planes in the air, on the Allied side anyway. And the Stuka won "best in show" for the Germans with me as well. They all hold that spot with me still.

    Although a totally different category here, I felt that the Stuart tank was the best looking and most coolest AFV ever. Of course I was about 10 years old when I came to these conclusions, about the above mentioned aircraft and tank, and also an avid reader of the comic book series "Jeb Stuart and the Ghost Tank", so go figure. Simpler, happier times I guess.

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