Habakkuk of Ice - BBC radio drama on Project Habakkuk

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    This BBC audio drama is currently on the BBC Iplayer: BBC Radio 4 Extra - Steve Walker - Habakkuk of Ice

    The extraordinary story of a battleship* - made entirely of ice - designed for use in the Second World War.

    It was left to dissolve in a lonely Canadian lake in Northern Alberta - and its eccentric English inventor, Professor Geofffey Pyke is one of the great unsung geniuses of the 20th Century.

    Steve Walker's drama stars Tim McInnerney as Geoffrey Pyke, Dermot Crowley as JD Bernal, Melanie Hudson as Pamela Pleens, Chris Emmett as Winston Churchill and David Holt as Lord Mountbatten.

    Director: Andy Jordan

    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

    * Project Habakkuk - Wikipedia

    "Project Habakkuk or Habbakuk (common misspelling; see below) was a plan by the British during the Second World War to construct an aircraft carrier out of pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice) for use against German U-boats in the mid-Atlantic, which were beyond the flight range of land-based planes at that time. The idea came from Geoffrey Pyke, who worked for Combined Operations Headquarters."
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