H Tractor and Transporter Census Numbers

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    As always please advise of any additions or errors.



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    Err...please excuse my ignorance on this thread...can someone explain a little more of what all the columns of numbers mean to a complete novice like me...thanks in advance
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    What is shown in each column can be seen by scanning to the top of the spreadsheet and reading the headings. Then you will be able to ensure that your treasured model can display a WD number that is authentic for that type of vehicle. Of course it doesn't tell you what unit each individual vehicle belonged to (or when), so you should try and find a photo that shows you the other markings on that vehicle - and thus (if you have the right references) the unit it belonged to.

    I must say that to hear of such vehicles as a Ford Car 2 seater 4x2 displaying an 'H' WD number (normally only displayed on tractors of various kinds) sounds unlikely, but never say never.....

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