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  1. DianeE

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    Hi everyone.
    I have receive my uncle's service records. However, I think there is at least a page missing and would like to know what you think.
    I have transcribed the page and also attach the copy I received. There are no entries after 21/8/44

    I must add that my brother in the UK applied for the records and has sent me photos of the documents. He commented that there was very litle paper work. he applied as next of kin as Harry didn't have children.

    3387971 H Rossiter deemed to have enlisted 16/10/39 in the East Lancashire Regiment

    Unit Details Rank Date

    No 4 H.B Posted to 4th H Batt Heyton? Pte 13/02/40
    1st Posted East Lancs Regiment “ 05/03/40
    Proceeded Overseas “ 18/04/40
    Y List Admitted to Hospital &
    Placed on Y List “ 01/06/40
    ITC Disembarked in UK from BEF
    & admitted to Queen Elizabeth
    Hospital Edgbaston Birmingham “ 02/06/40
    Posted to Y List “ 15/06/40
    Y List Posted to ITC “ 04/11/40
    ITC Posted to 7th Btn “ 08/01/41
    Transferred to RA & posted to
    103 Light AA “ 01/12/41
    LAA Regt ? Trans R Scots Fusiliers L/BDR 21/08/44

    (ITC-Infantry Training Centre

    Y List Unable to be posted to a regiment as he was recovering from wounds. )

    He was wounded whilst serving with the Royal Scots Fusiliers as per casualty record. I have a copy of the War Diary for the period he was wounded,courtesy of a member of the forum.


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  2. Tullybrone

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    It’s very difficult to pass an opinion on whether anything is missing unless you confirm you’ve post all the material your brother received from MOD.

    You’ve posted his Statement of Service form but the most helpful form(s) are the Army Forms B103 - Casualty Forms - which usually record a soldier’s movements in more detail than the Statement of Service form.

  3. DianeE

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    Hi Form B103 wasn't received. Attached is the only other detail of service received

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  4. Tullybrone

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    Thanks for the copy of the reverse side of the B102 form - there is also detail recorded on the obverse side.

    Unfortunately my eyes are not good enough to make out much of the detail - a much sharper and focussed image would be helpful. I’d have struggled with the copy Statement of service form without your helpful transcription.

    I can make out he was posted to xii list while serving with RSF - which suggests another incident of illness/injury/wound which may be recorded on a Casualty List. If you turn that up you’ll likely identify his RSF Battalion. The Casualty list you’ve attached appears to be in relation to his wound sustained whilst serving with 1st ELR in France 1940.

    It wasn’t unusual for infantry to be transferred to a (newly created) Light Anit Aircraft Regiment in the early years of the war and conversely a lot of LAA units were disbanded in 1944 to reinforce infantry units.

  5. DianeE

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    Thanks for your reply. A total of 7 pages were received and I will check with my brother that he hasn't missed something.
    I live in Cape Town and he lives in the UK so it was easier for him to apply for the records.
    At the same time he applied for the records of another uncle who served with the 2nd Recce Regiment and received 16 pages.

    I have attached some more pages. My intention was to attach all the pages and somehow I deleted them. Very clever of me.
    2 pages are personal details and the 3rd is another statement of service which shows no details of postings.

    Thanks for your help


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  6. Tullybrone

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    Thanks for posting the documents.

    Once again the MOD documents are too blurred for me to read closely.

    I’d suggest that if you compare the numbered documents “ticked” in the “Discharge Documents” stamp to the documents you’ve received you will identify the missing items.

    Whilst some of those documents may not be “releasable” you ought to ask MOD to search for them - principally the B103’s - as other members have received more documents when contacting MOD Glasgow again - although it may simply be the case that they’ve been mislaid from his file over the past 70 odd years.

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  7. DianeE

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    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for pointing out the Discharge Documents stamp. I hadn't noticed it. Form B103 is ticked and form W3040 which is the Casualty Card. Only reason I know that is because there is a card is in my Uncle Levi's records.

    I have asked my brother to contact the MOD.

    I also have problems reading the documents. Fortunately they are on my computer and I can zoom in.

    Thanks again
  8. Tullybrone

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    Hi Diane,

    Wonder if your Heyton is Layton, near Blackpool?

    I doubt it is Huyton near Liverpool.

  9. DianeE

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    Hi Steve,

    I have tried enlarging and enhancing the document and it looks like Huyton.

    I have been unable to find anything about 4th H Batt (Battery or Battalion)

    However to muddy the waters there is Haighton which according to Wikipedia--------

    "Haighton is a civil parish in the City of Preston, Lancashire, England. It is a rural area north east of the urban city of Preston, beyond Fulwood and Brookfield."

    Perhaps it is just spelt wrong. I doubt if we will ever know.


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