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  1. Belville

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    I have found the name of Charles Mock on a war memorial in Dublin.
    The CWGC website has:
    Telegraphist: MOCK, CHARLES ALBERT
    Service Number D/JX 158766
    Died 26/06/1944
    H.M.S. Sultan
    Royal Navy

    I am puzzled that he is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial. Apparently, H.M.S. Sultan was the shore establishment at Singapore, and did not exist from 1942 to 1945. Those who died in Japanese captivity would be commemorated on the memorial there.

    According to Wikipedia, there was a "training hulk" of that name from 1932 to 1945, implied to be in England, but I would have thought that anyone who was attached to it, and who died in England, would have a grave. If he had been on a ship which was sunk, wouldn't the CWGC record give the name of the ship?

  2. Robert-w

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    Men who served on small vessels, some of which only had numbers, were often entered on the books of a shore establishment for pay and rations. This would especially be the case where the vessels in which they served had no on board accommodation and where the crew might not be in permanent 'residence'. They would include sailors who manned the myriad of small craft involved in coastal waters (like launches, boom inspection vessels etc). They could still be lost at sea. Possibly your man was one of these.
    Given his DoD he could have been in a small craft in support of the Normandy landings.
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    The Register of Deaths - Naval Ratings (ADM 104) has Charles Mock as dying at sea. It looks as though he was probably on a Japanese transport ship that was sunk. Whilst HMS Sultan did not exist in 1944 it would still be the last establishment where he was last officially recorded. I'll try and follow this up.

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  4. timuk

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    Charles Mock was unfortunately lost when the Japanese hellship Harugiku Maru was sunk by the submarine HMS Truculent.
    Harugiku Maru
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  5. timuk

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    Further to above. Charles Mock was previously a member of the crew of HMS Repulse and had survived the sinking on 10 Dec 41.
    Like other survivors he was then attached to HMS Sultan and captured at the Fall of Singapore 15 Feb 42.

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  6. Belville

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    Many thanks for that. On looking up the Singapore Memorial, I see that it commemorates only Commonwealth land and air forces. That explains why a naval casualty is commemorated in Plymouth. The information about the circumstances of his death are very interesting.
    As ever, this website has produced an answer.
  7. Hugh MacLean

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    He is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial because that is where he was 'home ported' His service number D/JX 158766 indicates this with the D standing for Devonport.
    All naval personnel lost at sea would be commemorated on one of the three main naval memorials - Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham. Those memorials also commemorate army D.E.M.S gunners who were lost and have no grave but the sea.
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