Gunners Hunter, McCann & Jeffries, 9th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery 1942

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    These three young men were Japanese POWs at Changi camp in Singapore, and were executed in March 1942 following an attempted escape.

    I discovered their tragic fate when I began researching the history of my old house, and found that Graham John Jeffries and his family lived here from the 1920s right up until his mother died in 1980, I tried to trace Graham's family but came to a dead end. I am starting at the beginning, and although I have found some great information online, I feel like it's the tip of the iceberg!

    Has anyone got any tips on where I should look next, or even better can anyone provide me with more information?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jo,

    The only little piece of information I have, is their home address.

    Gunner D Hunter, 1427206 lived at Dewsbury Road, Leeds.

    Gunner J McCann, 872575 lived at Wash Lane, South Yardley, Birmingham.

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    If you are trying to trace families then I would suggest that you subscribe to one of the online genealogy sites.


    From their casualty cards:
    John McCann was born and lived in Birmingham
    Donald Hunter was born Drighlington, Yorkshire, lived in Leeds
    Graham John Jeffries was born in Enfield and lived in Bishops Stortford.

    You say that Jeffries lived at the same address from 1920 - 1980 (51 Rye Street?) but they were not there in 1939.

    As with all family history searches you must get hold of birth, marriage or death certificates which is documentary evidence of relationships, maiden names, addresses etc - it is the only way.
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    Hi Jo, I assume you are the originator of the only public ancestry tree featuring Graham Jeffries, which shows Graham had two sisters.

    There are also three private member trees there showing him.

    Family wills may help & are normally available here for £1.50 each, wait usually one month.
    Search probate records for documents and wills (England and Wales)

    a free search of recent UK electoral registers is here, but only gives first part of postcode.
    Search for People, Businesses and Places -
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