Gunner Eric Jackson Maunder and his Madonna and Child

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    After having been captured in North Africa, 109011 Gunner Eric Jackson Maunder, South African Artillery, was held as a prisoner of war in Campo PG 82 Laterina in Italy before being sent to PG 120 ,Distaccamento II, at Chiesanuova near Padua, in March 1943.

    At the Italian Armistice, with false identity cards provided by the underground, he and a group of others made it to Switzerland. With him he had a memento, a pocket-sized Madonna and child, photographed by one of his daughters, a friend of mine.

    Has anyone else heard of or seen one of these before? I am surmising that it was given to him by the farming family for whom he was working at Distaccamento II,


    Eric Maunder  madonna & child.JPG

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