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    Hello All. I am new to this site. I'm trying to find out more about the death of my uncle and wonder if anyone has war diaries that might shed some light on how he died - John Edward Blundell 890652 69th Med Rgt RA (Denbighshire). He is buried in Kemmel Chateau and I have been told that he died on or around 28th May 1940. It seems that Kemmel is a good way away from Wermoult where I thought that most of his unit were when attacked. I know there were others from the RA buried in Kemmel, but most having died on 24th May. Any help appreciated, thank you
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    might be an idea to put his full name in the title

    Do you have his service records Get a copy of military service records

    A forum member will be along who will possibly assist re the war diary.A couple of members offer copy service from Kew for a reasonable fee.

    Service Number 890652

    Died 28/05/1940

    Aged 21

    69 (The Denbighshire Yeomanry) Medium Regt.
    Royal Artillery

    Son of John Edward and Lily May Blundell, of Llandudno Junction, Caernarvonshire.


    Location: West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
    Number of casualties: 1137

    Cemetery/memorial reference: P. 11.

    Gunner John Edward Blundell (1919-1940) - Find A...
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    Welcome Chris,

    I dont think the army know what happened to him he was posted `Wounded and Missing` and his date of death is an estimate/approx date 28th May on or since `Died of Wounds`

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    Yes I guess this is all I am going to get to know. I suppose in a war situation it would be hard to know what happened to everyone. Would it be right to assume that he might have been injured near Kemmel then, or not ? Thank you for your response
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    No I don't have a copy of his service record
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    I've edited thread title.
    Ask Drew5233 about the unit war diary , he has most 1940 BEF ones.
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    I sent pm to Andy last night

    it is worth applying for his records via the official government link supplied
    You will not find any info about him from paid for sites on the internet dont be conned

  8. Chris Haywood

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    Thank you but I doubt his service record will tell me a great deal. I was hoping that the war diaries would shed more light on him. Incidentally I have a number of letter that he wrote fo my mother (his sister) whilst he was still in the UK training. He was only abroad a short time before he was killed. My biggest fear was that he was in 'the barn' but I now think k that he probably wasn't.
  9. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    The service records will at least give you a complete picture once you have purchased the war diaries plus a warning not to go to what I deem as scam sites on the internet who promise service records and info but do not have them.

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    Not much in the diary. Its an exact death so someone must have known when he died or CWGC would have a date range. Bit odd he's buried that late in Belgium unless he died of wounds perhaps. I'll check CWGC but may have been moved there after the war.
  11. Drew5233

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    Looking at the Grave Registration Report Form for the eighteen 1940 casualties I think he was in a medical facility prior to dying.

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