Gunner A.Gray 3715840 B Sqn, B Batt, 4th Res, A/T, RA

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  1. This laundry ticket and a tobacco pouch were found under floorboards in a house in Hitchin, Gunner A.Gray
    Ticket with RA details dated 30th Jan 1943, the other looks like 10 Feb 1943, had a quick look on general site but cant find anything, trying to upload photos in the meantime. Thank you
  2. IMG_E2986.JPG these are all the details, I have checked the Regimental numbers and are allocated to Kings Own Royal Regiment nos 3701001 - 3757000, if that's how it works, unless different with the reserves, mystery is why it was hidden
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    I think your best bet would be to contact the RA museum and see if they have any more details on him, theres really no way of finding him on a genealogy web site without more hard facts.
    He could just have been billeted there for a short time rather than living there - more details required I believe

    I have to say that the details for the museum elude me, perhaps others have better and more up to date information

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