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    Thanks very much for adding the squad photo AND details of those photographed
    I'll sort the entries in the Roll out as soon as I can.

    All missing names now added to the Rolls. Thanks again for the info etc.
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    I came upon this one on Flickr that may be of interest:

    "Egypt Railways - Egyptian State Railways passenger train - The Second Battalion (Scots Guards) in 1938
    Original photograph of men of the Second Battalion, Scots Guards in Egypt. The battalion sailed for Egypt on 19 November 1938, for what was planned to be a routine two year tour. Clearly visible is "2nd Scots Guards" on the kitbags and even the service number of one of the men, i.e. then Guardsman Alexander Sutherland, 2695331. Gdn Sutherland was subsequently transferred to the Royal Signals, and died in January 1943, by which time he was a L/Cpl with the Tenth Army Signals in Iraq

    ESR passenger coach Nr. 897 was third class, steel-bodied and built by an Italian manufacturer in 1931 to a Leeds Forge design. Such coaches were delivered to Egypt from various builders between 1915 and 1931 in up to a hundred units. Some sixty of these coaches had brake compartments (ESR diagrams 95-96 and 110-111)

    Behind Nr. 897 stands a similar vehicle. Next to it is another third class bogie coach, though with a wooden body, of the type supplied in 1907 and 1910 by Metropolitan and Gloucester (ESR diagrams 84, 85 and 102, 103 with brake compartment)"

    You can download the high res photo form here:

    Egypt Railways - Egyptian State Railways passenger train - The Second Battalion (Scots Guards) in 1938

    The second photo is of Right Flank, 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards, from my grandfather's photos. Probably in Egypt.

    The third and fourth photo is his squad photo, 1938. I have no idea why I cut the photo into two parts.

    I think this is the right place to post these...If it is I have some more that I can add from his collection.

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    Above post copied and subsequent responses moved to separate thread which will contain Scots Guards images as well as others.
    Grandfather's photos
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