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    Captain Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton 5th Bn Grenadier Guards
    Captain Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton was born on 5th July 1913.1 He was the son of Henry Fowell Buxton and Katharine Tayspel Round. He was educated at Harrow School, Harrow, London, England He married Elizabeth Langley Barbour, daughter of Major Robert Barbour, on 22 April 1938.He fought in the Second World War and gained the rank of Captain in the Grenadier Guards and escaped with the BEF from France . He died on 23th April 1943 at age 29 in Tunisia. ( killed in action) Buried at Medj el Bab War Cemetery,Tunisia.

    "April 23 1:00am ;-When all preparations were complete the Battalion filed off Grenadier Hill and assembled behind the western end of Banana ridgege in the form of a square. No 2 Company ( Major C W. Norman-Barnett) were forward on the left, and No. 3 Company (Captain J. G. F. Buxton) on the right : the other two companies and Battalion Headquarters were directly behind them . It was a wet and very dark night, and the fields of waist high corn , through which they passed were sodden with rain and soon reduced their battledress to the consistency of wet cardboard.
    Keeping close together so they would arrive simultaneously, and directing their course by compass, the men covered the larger part of the three miles of the approach march in complete silence. Only when they were within six hundred yards of Point 134 did the guns behind them begin to fire on the objective with high explosive and smoke shells. The hills were not easily discernible through the dim light and drifting clouds of smoke, and it was the flashes of the enemy weapons and the Very light rising from the trenches which gave the Grenadiers their direction during the final moments. It was a model assault. With scarcely a change in the formation of the battalion or in the speed of their advance they continued up the slight rise directly behind the creeping barrage. One officer had time to notice the pungent scent of rosemary and evergreen, for great stretches of these bushes had been torn by shell splinters and freshened by the rain, The first batch of prisoners surrendered readily enough to Lieut. P. E. C. Nugent and his platoon. In another quarter there was more trouble. After a pause of a few minutes Captain Buxton led his company into a hand-to-hand assault with bayonets and grenades. He was killed by a bullet just short of the summit and one of his subalterns Lieutenant R J Martin was wounded two minutes later. The remainder carried all before them, and as it grew light Point 134 and the neighbouring hillocks were firmly in our hands. Over a hundred prisoners were taken, most of them Tunisian Frenchmen under German command (it was the only occasion during the war when Grenadiers found themselves in batttle against the French), and among the booty was a field howitzer and an invaluable plan of enemy minefield`s between Grenadier Hill and the Bou"

    Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton 1913-1943.jpg
    Joe with brother Grenadier Officers in France.jpg

    Photograph taken in France 1939-40 from left to right;- Vernon-Wentworth, Norman Johnson, Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton, Victor Goss.(KiA Tunisia) Grenadier Guard Officers
    Joe with his soldier servant Waddingham shortly before he was killed in Tunisia in April 1943.jpg
    Pictured shortly before his death Joseph Gurney Fowell Buxton in Tunisia his batman/servant sitting alongside was 2612771 Gdsmn A Waddingham who was wounded on the 23rd April 1943.
    Joe's grave at Medjez-el-Bab in Tunisia.jpg

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    dear mr jinks

    Quite a few years ago you posted this request for a photo, i think for a war grave to someone who was going out to GAUHATI


    4392701 Pte FRED BAILEY,
    2nd Durham Light Infantry
    Grave 3.H.5.Cemetery

    this man was my grandma's brother and i am interested in finding out anything i can about him, i have some letters he sent back home and a photo drawing of him i can send you if your interested and a bit of backgrond on him, if your interested i will tell you all i know and send you photos of what i have.

    i am new to this site and i tried to contact you directly but it would not let me.

    i dont know if i will check back to this site so its best if you can email me if possible

    jonathancrick AT

    any info you or anyone can give me is very much appreciated, or if you can point me in the right direction as i basically know nothing

    thanks for your time jonathan
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Might be a good idea to remove the @ from your email address and replace with “at” to stop it being harvested by bots and you being spammed etc.

    I’m sure Kyle will respond soon.

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    From Gallery, posted by


    Corporal A. Horrocks’ Squad, Coldstream Guards, Guards Depot, August 1943

    Back Row: Guardsman R. Osborn, Guardsman A. Berkenshaw, Guardsman R. Lockwood, Guardsman E. Lycett, Guardsman N. Kneale, Guardsman B. Bingham

    Middle Row: Guardsman H. Rendall, Guardsman J. Haigh, Guardsman S. Powell, Guardsman F. Mullen, Guardsman C. Ballard, Guardsman H. Wood, Guardsman H. Peters, Guardsman E. Howe, Guardsman W. Smith

    Front Row: Guardsman S. Whitehead, Guardsman W. Bytheway, Guardsman J. Cross, Corporal A. Horrocks, Trained Soldier W. Lee, Guardsman K. Nodder, Guardsman J. Hind, Guardsman E. Abley
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    Hi, my name is Elaine Miller nee Hutson and my dad was the brother of Wilfred (Pal), Jim, and Tom. I came across this site by accident trying to do my family tree. I have the photo of Uncle Jim that was put up. We emigrated to Australia in 1968 and after dad, Ken, died in 1975 I lost contact with all the Hutsons. I tried to visit Jim's grave a couple of years ago but didn't get there but I do have a strange tale about Menin Gate and
    J. Hutson. I don't know if you will get this message Paul but if you do I would love to hear from you. Looking through some old photos I came across some of Wilf, Mary and two boys , one being you Paul.
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    Group photo that I believe shows Scots Guards, I think I can see signs of the GAD flash on some, look like a few have Africa star ribbons - I'm thinking these are Infantry rather than Tank as they wear GS Caps rather than black berets. Interesting that one of the men in the second from front row has pilots wings on his chest

    IMG_20191218_0001 - Copy.jpg
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    2734819 L/Sgt William Finlay KiA Saturday 12th February 1944 3rd Bn Welsh Guards
    Cassino War Cemetery, Italy.


    Son of Mr and Mrs R Finlay, of 5 Whitewell Terrace, Ryton on Tyne, Co. Durham. Husband of Mrs Finlay, of London. Brothers: Jack, Jim, and Robert. Sisters: Lizzie, Catherine, and Eva.
    William Finlay was one of three brothers who had made the Armed Forces a career. Brother Jim had spent sixteen years serving with the RAF. Brother Jack was a Lieutenant, serving with the Royal Artillery in India, already having served nine years. Their father was a veteran of the Boer War and World War 1. His grandfather was also employed by Charltons the Builders of Crawcrook. William was educated at Ryton school where he had an excellent record. He took a keen interest in sports. He played football for Crawcrook Albion FC and represented the Guards Depot at cricket, winning the Depot Company Cup in 1939. He had enlisted in the Guards with his pal Jack Hurst, who also came from Ryton. He had only been married six months before his death, his wife residing in London.....Ryton War Memorials
    cpl williams sqd 1939.jpg

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Wonder if Cpl with “wings” is possibly ex Glider Pilot Regiment?

    Looks like a post hostilities photo of a reconstituted infantry company with mixture of ex 2nd SG NA Star men & ex GAD Personnel?

  9. AB64

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    The wings don't look like GP ones, don't look bulky enough up top, but I could be wrong

    I'm not convinced its post hostilities, by that point photos normally have open collars - again though I could be wrong
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    former Gdsmn John Cowings discharged and working as a Miner killed in bombing raid 1st September 1941 aged 36

    Son of Jane Cowings, of 21 Whitewell Terrace, Ryton on Tyne, Co. Durham, and the late James Cowings. Husband of Hannah Cowings, of 3 Thorpe Avenue, Ryton on Tyne, Co. Durham. Son and a daughter.
    On a pleasant and warm Monday evening a lone German bomber dropped two high explosive bombs over the town of Blaydon on Tyne, resulting in devastating consequences. One bomb hit the residential area of Delacour Road, killing some residents, the other hitting Donald Browns Factory, Tyne Street, which was situated parallel with the Newcastle to Hexham main road. At exactly the same time the bomb hit the factory a Venture bus on its way to Greenside had stopped on the opposite side of the road to allow passengers to get on and off. Part of the blast hit the bus resulting in further deaths and injuries. John Cowings was a passenger on the bus and was hit by the blast. He later died of his injuries at a local First Aid Station. The other male passenger to die of injuries was William Irwin, aged 17 years who resided at 24 Burnhills Gardens, Greenside; he died on his way to the First Aid Station. Twenty five other passengers on the bus needed treatment for their injuries. One fatality also occurred within the factory, which was virtually demolished...Ryton War Memorials
    p8150275_021408111839 (1).jpg
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    No1 Coy,Grenadier Guards ,No 2 Guards Training Battalion Permanent Staff -October 1946

    1946 Squad but some served WW2 ?
    squad 1946.jpg


    No. 1 Company, GRENADIER GUARDS

    No. 2 Guards’ Training Battalion

    PERMANENT STAFF - October 1946

    Sgt. D. PARTRIDGE, Sgt. S. TRUSSELL, Lt. R. LEIGH-PEMBERTON, Capt. A. J. SAVILLE, MC (2nd i/c Company), Capt. A. G. WAY, MC (Company Commander), Lt. W. A. SPOWERS, C.S.M. J. BIGNELL, Sgt. K. BRUNSDON, Sgt. F. SARGENT.

    L/Cpl. R. HOWARD, Gdsm. J. GROVES, L/Cpl. B. DOUGHTY, L/Cpl. N. BLAY, L/Cpl. T. PAGE, Gdsm. J. CASHEN, Gdsm. P. HOPKINS, L/Cpl. J. DEANE, L/Sgt. A. STAINTON, Gdsm. J. VALLON

    L/Sgt. J. CONNOR, L/Sgt. T. SMITH, L/Sgt. J. MORTON, L/Sgt. A. DUCKWORTH, L/Sgt. W. JELF, L/Cpl. J. TIDD, L/Cpl. W. BARNETT, L/Cpl. F. MORRIS, Gdsm. E. DAVIES, L/Sgt. E. BUSH, L/Cpl. K. YOUNG, L/Cpl. R. THEIS, L/Cpl. R. CROSBY, Gdsm. E. IRVING, L/Cpl. J. DUNKLEY
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    Another squad photos, this time Scots Guards 1940


    Cpl. ANDERSON’s Squad

    ‘L’ Company, SCOTS GUARDS, May 1940



    Guardsmen J. SLOAN, A. ARMITAGE, Trained Soldier GILLON, Corporal ANDERSON (Squad Instructor) S. HALLIWELL, J. TAIT
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    5th Bn. Grenadier Guards
    Date of Death 29 April 1943 Age 25 years old
    Buried or commemorated at MEDJEZ-EL-BAB WAR CEMETERY 9. E. 2. Tunisia
    Son of Robert William and Emily Hannah Foster; husband of Irene Mary Foster, of Wensley, Yorkshire.
    A memorial stone to him at Carperby was unveiled in June 1946.

    War Graves at Aysgarth Church

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    Unknown Scots Guards squad - details on the back are 9/3/44 & "To my best pal Johnny with best wishes from one of the future Guardsmen Jim Lin Fin"

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    Another 3 group photos I just picked up

    No. 15 Platoon, No. 4 Company, 4th Motor Battalion, Coldstream Guards, 1942

    13th Company Coldstream Guards, October 1837

    Sgt. T. Barnett’s Squad, Coldstream Guards, January 1930
    Back Row: Guardsman H. ALLEN, Guardsman R. ROACH, Trained Soldier V. WHITEHEAD, Guardsman A. MACHIN, Guardsman E. FISHER

    Middle Row: Guardsman H. PHILLIPS, Guardsman J. BURKE, Guardsman G. PRATT, Guardsman G. GILLS, Guardsman F. OAKLEY, Guardsman W. WITHERS, Guardsman W. COWLING, Guardsman R. JONES

    Front Row: Guardsman J. KIRTLEY, Guardsman R. MARSHALL, Guardsman A. TOWNSEND, Sgt. T. BARNETT (Squad Instructor), Guardsman J ROBERTS, Guardsman A. CALVERT, Guardsman M. DAVIES
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    As well as the 3 above that I got, there has been a little flurry of group photos from 2 sellers that I missed or start a bit high for me, so images of those below - as these are eBay photos the quality isn't as good and some are split, there area couple of just post-War ones but the instructors will probably have seen WW2 service

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8a.jpg 8b.jpg 9a.jpg 9b.jpg 10a.jpg 10b.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg
  17. dbf

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    Thanks very much for adding those
  18. AB64

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    While I'm at it, a few more currently on eBay
    a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg d1.jpg d2.jpg
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  19. Tullybrone

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Number 13 Company is the designation of Coldstream Guards staff at The Guards Depot. The picture includes permanent (Regimental) Depot Staff as well as Coldstream Squad Instructors & Trained Soldiers.

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  20. Mr Jinks

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    scots guards nov 1940.jpg
    Uncleshifty Flickr
    Scots Guards Lewis Gun Instruction November 1939 (Press release)
    grenadier guards officers 1940.jpg
    Uncleshifty Flickr
    Officers of the Grenadier Guards 1940 `Somewhere in France ` Press photograph Officers left to right :-Sir John Little Gilmour, Captain D.E. Dixon Captain A.C. Huntington and Colonel ?????
    grenadier guards 1940.jpg
    Uncleshifty Flickr
    Grenadier Guards press release ;- Grenadier Guards September 1939 3rd Battalion Tennie 25th September 1939
    grenadier guards 1942.jpg
    Uncleshifty Flickr
    Grenadier Guards press release ;- Not an ordinary private soldier ,the son of a Princess Royal(?) receiving instruction from a Sergeant of the Welsh Guards 1942.

    Posted with the permission of the flickr user Uncle shifty.

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