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    I should have mentioned that it was not easy in finding a shop, or company who would scan the original paper maps at A1 size.

    I finally found a shop that charged £5.00 a map which is a fair price in my eyes. Some company's wanted £10.00 & upwards. How much?:mad: After I'd made a mess of the originals, I then got the scans printed off at a peanut price & started again. Each map is 27" by 23". The reprints are of a thin card, or more like a blotting paper. Much double-sided tape was used, loads of blades & a long straight edge. If you don't have a understanding wife, or partner then don't attempt it? Never mind hanging it on any wall.;)

    The title of the eight maps are: ARDEA, APRILIA, LE CASTELLA, TORRE S. LORRENZO, CAMPO DI CARNE ( The Plain of Flesh), CARANTO, NETTUNO & BORGO SABOTTINO. Running from west, to east & then south. They are to the scale 1:25,000.
    The file below is a complete map. Notice the red vertical line. Its tells you all the different types of trees. Click-on image.

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    Now completed: series of 65 wartime GSGS maps, showing the 8th Rifle Brigade's (11th Armoured Division) route, from Normandy to the Baltic, from 13 June 1944 to 8 May 1945. All 65 can be seen at Many thanks to Richard Lewis for the GSGS maps Excel resource document!!!

    051A2 - GSGS-4072-Compilation.jpg
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    Very impressive 8th Rifle Brigade site. Well done Ronald. Some maps shown that I don't have on my list, including the elusive Amiens town plan!

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    Thanks for your comment on Home - 8th Rifle Brigade!

    The Amiens town plan was indeed difficult to get hold of. I really wanted it, for Don Gillate's autobiography "With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic", which I finally got published last year. Don's section of carriers, under Sgt. Triggs MM, took the bridge over the river Somme at Amiens. In the end, I got the file through the National Library of Australia! It was taken from "Through-way town plans of France", volume 1.

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