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Discussion in 'General' started by Swiper, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I remember someone mentioning on here that there was a simple website to use to translate wartime grid references to modern coordinates...

    Anyone recall what this is as I've had no luck locating it (or just being dense).
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    Thanks for posting question Swiper and thanks for answer Owen. I had hoped there may have been something out there to assist with coordinates now that I have the unit diary for my Dads unit. Now I just need to find the time!
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    Hi Owen, I already know and make use of the online grid translator. In the war diaries the map location consists of 6 numbers. Now I have a diary where there are 8 number grid location ? Can you help me out how to translate these ?
    See at the bottom of this war diary attached. It has to be in the North part of Belgium ( Rijkevorsel area).

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    I think dont use the 4th & 8th number to make it a 6 figure number.
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    You could be correct, a guess or did you read something about it ?
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    That is how map reading works.

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    I do the same, if the 4th and 8th number is 5 or higher, I do the 3rd and 7th number+1
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    Thx for the info.
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    The link below has an app called GEOTRANS.

    It will convert many coordinates into lat/long. It can also bulk convert coordinates.

    It takes a bit if getting used to (and a lot of googling to understand all of the geographical terminology) but the results are good.

    And I'd make a lot of notes as it is very easy to forget how it works, over time. And it needs Java to work too.

    NGA - Office of Geomatics Home Page

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Owen, question about German grid locations. The Germans also made use of grid locations. Until now I didn't find any document available online with an example.
    Did they use the same system as the British and is there also a online calculator for their map system ?

    Can anyone give an example of German grid location during WW2?

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