Gresse, Germany RAF Friendly fire incident

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    The ORB of the squadron which attacked the column does state that after the initial attack on transport in the Bergedf- Boizenberg area, it was thought that the transports were carrying pow's, so no further attacks were made.
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    Thank you for the info Dave - appreciated.
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    Thanks Alan. Are you able to share your source/resource?
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    Aye, thanks for your kind words Kevin. I don’t think there is a memorial at either of those Harnham churches, but I’ll check.
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    Hi all,

    My grandfather Richard Wicker was involved in the 'friendly fire' attack at Gresse in April 1945.

    In 2016, we discovered his novelistic wartime memoir manuscript, logbook and letters home, etc. — including an account of the strafing by RAF Typhoons — which we have just published as a book, We Happy Few, available online:
    We Happy Few - Troubador Book Publishing
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    247sqdn Operations Record Book. Let me have your email via a pm and i'll send a couple of files.
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    Hi Alan. I have clicked on your profile page but there is no 'Start a Conversation' option (I think I'd need to click on this to pm you). Cheers, Gerard
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    Gerard, check your profile page, i've left a message.
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    Thanks Alan.
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    Thank you for these links.
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    AlanW's research into the shootup at Gresse puts to rest the long held thought that it was Canadian in the RAF who led this attack.

    Further information on this aspect of the story can be found in John Nichol and Tony Rennell's "The Last Escape"

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