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    I believe my Grandad was a Grenadier Guard in WWII and took part in the d-day landings. I am not sure how to find information out about him, I have looked on the Ancestry website and nothing seems to be coming up. Any tips on where to look would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone can find any info that would be great. Thanks for your help. J
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    Hi - and welcome

    You will find nothing of note in any of the subscription web sites as they only use publically accessible information and as all WW2 service records are not publically accessible they wont have them, however good the title of their web site sounds

    To find someones Ww2 military service records you need to apply to the MOD and the forms for that are on this link - Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide you will also need a copy of his death certificate unless he died in service

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    Thanks so much for your help Tricky Dicky! :salut:
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    As TD has said its best to get those service records.

    Just to let you know there is a 2618296 Gdsmn R W Chapman 4th Grenadier Guards who was wounded on 3rd August 1944 ? I cannot say if this was your Grandfather or not you may know more ?

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    Hi Kyle,

    That does sound very interesting! I can't say for sure if it is him either, I do have his date of birth which is 24th Feb 1920. From what I have been told I think he might have driven a tank and was part of the d-day landings, but apart from that I have limited information to go on. We only just found out who he was last week through a dna match connecting my dad with his half-sister, so I am keen to learn as much about him as possible :)

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    Not a lot to go on then,you need something to confirm that this R W Chapman has the same dob at least and the only way to do that is those service records? Depends really how much you really want to find him £30 between the family?

    Also,again this may be coincidence, 4th GG were a Tank battalion . Ask Andy (Drew5233) if he could copy the war diary?
    WO 171/1255 4 Grenadier Guards (Tank Battalion) 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    Like wise drop Diane (DBF) a line I`m sure she will be able to tell you more about 4th GG (more than I ever could)

    You never know until you ask :)

    Could this be him?
    1939 Address15 Clare Hall Place, Bermondsey, London.

    Alfred (R) Chapman b1879 date 18 Apr 1879 Male Stone Mason Married (to)
    Emma J Purland (Chapman) b1881 date 18 Feb 1881 Female Factory Hand Married
    John E Chapman b1917 date 14 Jun 1917 Male Builders Labourer Single
    Robert (W) Chapman b 1920 date 24 Feb 1920 Male Builders Labourer Single
    Plus one other whose record is still closed
    Robert William Chapman died Portsmouth ,Hampshire 1975.

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    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks a lot for your help! Yes I believe that could well be him, from what I have been told 1975 is also the correct year. I will attempt to drop Andy and Diane a message r.e. 4th GG would be great if they can shed any light!

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    Thanks a lot Steve! Will take a look :)

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