Grenadier Guards, Other Ranks: unofficial Nominal Roll by Army Number order

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for adding photo and info.

    Has anyone in the family applied to MOD for a copy of your Uncle's service records?
    If not, see this link for info: Get a copy of military service records
    These should provide details of transfers between battalions within regiment and also out of the regiment.
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    Thanks, I'm checking with my cousin on this.
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    David Alderman 02624598
    Postings were;

    Home 1 26-11-1943 to 01-03-1945
    N.W.Europe 02-03-1945 to 31-01-1946
    Home 01-02-1946 to 17-04-1946
    Home 16-07-1953 to 03-02-1954
    BAOR 04-02-1954 to 21-09-1957
    Home 22-09-1957 to 13-02-1959
    Benghazi 14-02-1959 to 02-06-1962
    Nearelf 02-06-1962 to 03-04-1964
    Home 04-04-1964 to 26-10-1964
    Cyrenaica 27-10-1964 to 04-12-1964
    Home (Windsor) 05-12-1964 to 17-02-1966
    BAOR (Wuppertal and Munster)18-02-1966 to 25-02-1969
    Home (Chelsea and Caterham) 7 26-02-1969 to 31-08-1973

    I think he was in a different battalion when first joining up, but ended up in the 2nd battalion. The gap from 1946 to 1953 was when he joined the police force in Edinburgh. He also had a spell in the Palestinian police force. Nearelf must have been Cyprus as I remember being evacuated from there as a kid.
    He also reportedly helped out at Ravensbruck concentration camp after it was liberated, but I have yet to find any corroborating evidence of this.
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    Thank you for sharing this info, have added his name to the Roll

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    David Alderman 02624598

    Forgot to add that he ended up as WO II
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    Can I add my grandfather, even though very late on? Still awarded 39-45 Star.

    L/Cpl Anthony G Palmer.
    3bn G.G.
    Joined up 4th July 1945.
    Spent 11 months in Palestine 1946-47, caught Polio and was invalided out in 1948.
    Made an MBE in 1997.
    Died 2011.
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  10. Ian Alderman

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    With the passing of Academy Sergeant Major Ray Huggins MBE earlier this year, it has now been determined that the concentration camp was actually Neuengamme not Ravensbruck.
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