Grenadier Guards, Other Ranks: unofficial Nominal Roll by Army Number order

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  1. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member

    2612113 Guardsman E H Whiting 1st BN Grenadier Guards

    Served France 1939-40 then U.K. The France and Germany 1944-46

    Trying to find out more info as it's a friends father
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  2. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Has your friend already applied for copy service records form GG RHQ? If they know for certain with which bn(s) he served and when, then the usual route after that would be War Diaries for detail or the GG Regtl History for background.

    Here's 1st Bn GG -
    War Diary, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, BEF - Sep 1939 to Jun 1940

    There are a few threads dotted about in Bde of Gds with bits of info about the battalion in NWE
    Lance Serjeant Harry Thomas Hallsworth, 1st Bn Grenadier Guards
  3. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member


    Thanks, my main focus is RN. Army is new to me, I will look at the links provided

    Where is the diary 44-45 located?
  4. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Sorry but I don't have it.
  5. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member


    Have downloaded a grenadier book so hopefully that may give some clues
  6. Ian Alderman

    Ian Alderman Member


    I was just browsing and came across this site. Post 131 mentioned about a unit being one of the first to reach a concentration camp and that rang a bell with me, so I have registered.

    My mother told me that my father, (long deceased), was sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp to help out there. Does anybody else have details of a Grenadier detachment going there?

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  7. Lofty1946

    Lofty1946 Member

    2612502 Sells Herbert George Kings company 1 Batt Grenadier Guards
  8. Jimpy

    Jimpy Junior Member

    2617392 Jackson. Willie Sgt 4th Btn 1939-?
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  9. dbf

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  10. ClankyPencil

    ClankyPencil Senior Member

    2622264 - Clifford Bedford - 6th Bn Grenadier Guards

    His basic service history was as follows:-
    Africa 15.06.42 - 14.08.42
    Egypt 15.08.42 - 04.10.42
    Syria 05.10.42 - 07.02.43
    Egypt 08.02.43 - 09.09.43
    BNAF 10.09.43 - 22.05.46
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  11. Chris Barnes

    Chris Barnes New Member

    3 Battalion Grenadier Guards
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  12. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    Lengthy “Africa” posting includes time at sea en route Egypt, including brief visit to Brazil, plus unusual 4 weeks stop over in South Africa.

  13. Christopher Spurr

    Christopher Spurr New Member

    Hi there I noticed you don't have my grandad on this list number 2623581 Spurr Jarvis 5th Battalion Grenadier Guard's
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  14. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

  15. Richard Atkins

    Richard Atkins New Member

    Hello, please add my Grandfather 2624399 C W Atkins Sergeant 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.
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  16. Lofty1946

    Lofty1946 Member

    2612502 Guardsman Sells Kings Company 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Left marker 1932[​IMG] PASSOFF2copy.jpg

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  17. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Thanks Lofty.
    Have added him to the list.
  18. Lofty1946

    Lofty1946 Member

    5754 Sells H.F. 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards.

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  19. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Smashing pics, thanks for sharing them.
  20. Matthew Eyre

    Matthew Eyre Member

    My Uncle, Joe Needham from Chesterfield was in the Grenadiers and at Dunkirk and D Day. He was a butcher in civvy street, and was transferred to the Catering Corps after getting wounded to check the meat rations , ended up a WO1. I'm trying to track down what battalion he would have been in, or any further info, thanks uncle joe.jpg
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