Greek civil war 1946-1949

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    Hi thats great information thanks so he should have recieved the italy star even from serving 1946 onwards in greece?
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    Apparently not, as the campaing medal was only valid for the duration of the war.

    Italy Star - Wikipedia

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    Mate, you are a source too good to miss :salut:

    Any suggestions on a good book (several, hopefully ;)) regarding the conflict? Would be even better if it/they include Operation Manna.
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    Hi does anybody know if the somerset light infantry "prince alberts"served in greece at this time?cant seem to confirm this anywhere any help appriciated cheers.
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    Yes the 2nd Battalion SLI was in Greece with 4th Inf Div. Whether they stayed beyond Feb 46 thought is unclear.

    4 Infantry Division

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    Extract from MOD Italy Star criteria - unfortunately doesn’t state what “certain other specified dates”are - ie whether they pre date 11th July 1943 or post date 8th May 1945.

    “The Italy Star is awarded for operational service in Sicily or Italy between 11 July 1943 and 8 May 1945. Those who served in Yugoslavia, Greece, Corsica or Sardinia between certain other specified dates will also qualify.”

    I would contact MOD Medal Office and seek further clarification of Italy Star entitlement but would obtain a his copy service record before making an enquiry.


    Edit from Wikipedia re qualifying dates -

    Qualifying service on land by Army personnel, Naval shore-based personnel and Air Force non-air crew was entry into operational service as part of the establishment in the following areas, all dates inclusive -

    • Aegean from 11 June 1943 to 8 May 1945.
    • Corsica from 11 June to 4 October 1943.
    • Dodecanese from 11 June 1943 to 8 May 1945.
    • Greece from 11 June 1943 to 8 May 1945.
    • Italy, including Elba, from 11 June 1943 to 8 May 1945.
    • Pantelleria on 11 June 1943.
    • Sardinia from 11 June to 19 September 1943.
    • Sicily from 11 June to 17 August 1943.
    • Yugoslavia from 11 June 1943 to 8 May 1945.
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    Hmmm cheers gus
    Hmmm cheers gus the plot thickens im sure my grandad frank was there up untill 49 i will have to get his records 210 british soldiers were killed in civil war
    I know he was there for the duration of the civil war do you know the casualties we sustaned ?cheers gus
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    No medals for Greece ,no General Service Medal for that theatre, no Italy Star unless he served in Italy/Greece during the period 11th June 1943 to 8th May 1945. The 1st DLI were in Greece in 46/47 having moved from Italy in 1945. The Durham Records Office hold loads of photos of soldiers in Greece at this time dressed in a similar fashion to the photograph above ? Search below (Watermarked)

    Your Search Results - Durham Record Office

    Most relate to 10th Light Infantry Brigade march past General Sir Bernard Paget, G.C.B., D.S.O., M.C., A.D.C., Inspecting the various Companies ,at Kavalla, [Greece],in 1946 others show the 1st DLI in Xanthe, Greece , 1946. Just for information really as the only way you will know is through those service records ? A name might help too :)


    Kyle .
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    Cheers kyle i will send off for them i have his service number now cheers.
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    20180401_173405.jpg 20180401_173451.jpg
    Here is a photograph of my Father's medals. The Greek one is mounted in the centre. Close up also attached.
    If you have the Military record showing service in GREECE then you can apply to the GREEK Government for his deal and the scroll comes we it it.
    The Greek equivalent to the MOD require full name, Dob and unit with dates served in Greece.
    Wish you well in your application.

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    Cheers for that thats awesome
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    Do you know the name of medal cheers?
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    I will try and look it up for you.
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    Thanks for your help

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