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    Hi all,

    I am new to this and wasnt sure how to start a specific forum.

    I have recently received my long lost Great-Grandfathers war records (as attached) which is amazing...and I have very very slowly started to decode them...I have discovered the meanings of a a lot of the acronyms using google or military acronym lists, but this alone doesnt really shed any light as to where he was posted too (is it all within the numbers?!). Id love to get a time line sorted. I can gather from them that he served in North Africa/Middle East/Central Medditeranean Forces, but he was specifically awarded a medal for service in Italy, how can I detect this from anywhere in the 'Postings' information? Or drill it down to more specific places? Can anyone offer any advice? I know he was in the No 7 Vehicle Group within REME, but there seems to be little online about them. Id be so grateful for any help.

    Kind Regards,
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    Hi and welcome to the forum Claire, good luck with your research.

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    Moved your thread to the Service Records section of the forum.

    I hope the members can help you out.
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    Thanks Owen :)
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    I can make out 2 Base Workshop, 19 Workshop Company, 14 Workshop Company and 8 Central Workshops as places on his postings list.


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