Great Grandaughter of Cyril Stead A squadron 6th Airborne Armoured Recce Reg

Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Amy Whitehead, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. Amy Whitehead

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    Just using this thread to introduce myself. I am Amy Whitehead from West Yorkshire, and my Great Grandfather was Corporal Cyril Stead, he was in A Squadron of the 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment.
    I, like I imagine most on here, am continuously researching and searching for more information on my GGF war story. Paul Cheall of the Fighting Through Podcast mentioned this forum. It's always nice to speak to others interested in WWII as I have to say none of my friends are!
    In case anyone is searching in the future, I am always on the look out for Sergeant E. Knowles (Ernie), he was a POW at Stalag 357, he wrote a postcard from the POW camp to my GGF.
    But really this is just to say hello. I will when I have the time, post some of my GGF war paperwork/photos, as I know I am always interested in seeing that sort of thing, so am guessing you will be too!
    Thanks all,
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  2. Andsco

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    Hello Amy
    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for researching your GGF wartime history, there are people here who have extensive of knowledge about WW2 and are always willing to help people with their research.
    Good luck
  3. Alex1975uk

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    Stalag 357 was in Fallingbostel, Germany. I was stationed there (It was a British Army base) in the 1990’s and one of the chaps from my regiment still lives there. He is the absolute authority on 357 and the other camp X1B. If you’re on Facebook search for Fallingbostel Military History Group. Kevin Greenhough is the man behind it.

  4. Amy Whitehead

    Amy Whitehead New Member

    That's really useful, thank you Alex!
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  5. Amy Whitehead

    Amy Whitehead New Member

    Thank you Andy :)
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