grave rededication at Ranville War Cemetery

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    Hi all,
    for those who might be interested there will be a grave rededication at Ranville War Cemetery on 7th June 2018.
    The grave IIA-N-05 has recently been identified as the grave of:
    97003811 Pte Lacey TINGLE 224 Field Para Ambulance RAMC


    Lacey TINGLE was KIA on 7th June 1944 at Douville En auge with 8 other men of 6th Airborne Division (4 Canadians and 4 Brits).
    In 1945, all of them were reburied in plot IIA.

    The rededication ceremony will take place on 7th june 2018 at Ranville War Cemetery at 11.30

    I Wonder if it is the first redecation of a 6th Airborne serviceman at Ranville War Cemetery.
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