Grave Memorial, Service & circumstances of death: Frederick Henry COYLE 45 Recce Corps, R.A.C.

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    I think we can all empathise with that sentiment. There's so much now that simply wasn't available or possible to share so easily. My parents really didn't talk much about the War and when they did it was often disparaging their efforts, Dad "was being taught to drive and hit the only tree in the desert" type of thing. Don't beat yourself up, be happy that you have found out for that would have made her grateful.

    I'm pleased that the Pals here can do so much for people and have the skills to know where to find these details. I'm often surprised just how much comes from an enquiry!
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    We all start our research journey for different reasons and at a time that makes sense in our lives. There is no point wishing we had started earlier or asked our loved ones all sorts of questions, best just dig deep and find out what we can now. I often think that if my Nan knew what I was up to she would be mostly proud, but then probably clip me round the ear for spending too much time looking into the past.
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    Kevinbattle & bamboo43 wise words. Thank you.

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