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    Hi guys

    I need your help

    This aluminium strip was given to a local in 1945 when this soldier his temporary grave was replaced.
    I have the details of this soldier and his previous burialsite but I want to know what the use was of this aluminium strip. (about 5 inches long)
    They told me it was attached on the back of the wooden cross.
    Is this correct? If so was it common to do this? Never saw this kind of strip before.

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    Maybe better of asking the CWGC themselves either through their website or social media .
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    For what little extra it provides, he was initially buried in Westerlo, some 30 kms west of Leopoldsburg War Cemetery. His Concentration Form in 1946 notes that he Died of Wounds, so presumably at some form of medical establishment in Westerlo? At about that time the Battalion were attempting to cross the Albert Canal, which is very close to Westerlo.

    You'll find something similar on WW1 original wooden grave markers, some of which have found their way back to the UK.
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