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  1. So I've had these for a long time but only just really gotten around to sorting them and attempting to decipher them

    I see he was in the 53rd recce regmt but he always maintained he had at some point helped out at belsen. Anyone know if anything in the records attached would substantiate this?

    I know I will probably get plenty of answers from Kew but I'm trying to use this story as Uni assignment and won't have time to get to Kew before the deadline so any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  2. Tricky Dicky

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  3. Thanks for the info! Been looking through some of the other threads but no one makes mention on belsen.

    I'm also keen to find out about the entries relating to the 147 part in 1945 but can't make head nor tail.
  4. Owen

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    Do you mean this bit?
    147 fd amb.JPG

    Admitted 147 Field Ambulance & Struck of strength to X2
    Discharged 147 Field Ambulance & Taken on Strength 53 Recce.

    147 Fd Amb was one of the medical units for 53rd Division .
    53 Recce were in 53 Div.
    X List explained here.
    X lists (Service Records)
    Although it refers to New Zealand troops , it would be the same for British soldiers .
    I've put the first bit in bold .

  5. Thanks for that Owen- I had read about the x list before but struggled to understand the meanings.

    So I'm assuming this means he was injured at some point?

    I'm still struggling to see where he went to belsen but apparently he only ever told my nan the full story and both are long gone. I suspect I'll have to go Kew but as I said I don't have the time before my deadline :sleep:
  6. Owen

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    As it is October 1945 , long after the fighting, more likely illness.
    Sorry just noticed he's readmitted in November 1945 too.
  7. Yeah I saw that - seemed a bit odd cos I don't think he ever mentioned any kind of illness. Unless it was something minor.

  8. Ok so I've found a few more things from research on this site and others.

    I am going to request to view Welsh Spearhead at Oxford unviersity library or IWM.

    One question though - is there anyone with Welsh Spearhead that can tell me if he is listed under 53rd Recce (I know he was there it would just be nice to see it in the book, as it were) and also if it mentions what Squadron he was in. Or is there any way to find that info from his records as I am looking over and over but not seeing any letters relating to Sqdrn so finding it hard.
  9. Tricky Dicky

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    I dont think you will find his sqadron from the service records, they wouldn't go that deeply into that sort of detail. His attachment into a squadron may be mentioned in the War Diaries or perhaps a Regimental history (if there is one). Its a bit like trying to find out what platoon in which battalion in which regiment an infantryman was in ... if you are lucky you may find the answer, but remember that in those days he could have been moved from squadron to squadron, it would all depend on what was required to be done, by when and with what resources.

    Most times only Officers are mentioned, NCO's are mentioned in the War Diaries from time to time if they did an heroic deed.

  10. Yeah I thought that might be the case unfortunately.
    Still I have leads to go on with regards to his regiment and enough to actually fulfill my assignment. I will be carrying on the research past the assignment however as I am engrossed now ha.

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