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    Dear all,

    I have posted some information in a different thread, when 10 years ago I posted asking for help regarding a ship my Grandad served in, but thought I would start a thread in the correct place.

    Attached is history of my grandfathers service in the Royal Navy during WW2:

    HMS Pembroke II: 21/6/40
    HMS Wildfire: 03/07/40
    HMS Rooke: 01/08/40
    Edinburgh Castle (Barcastle)03/10/40 and 17/5/41 (serving as able seaman)
    HMS Elaud: 01/10/41 to 17/12/41
    Duty:passage 17/12/41 - 28/12/41
    HMS Rooke: 29/12/41 to 29/01/42
    Lent: HMS Martinet: 30/1/42 to no date recorded
    HMS Rooke: no date recorded to 25/2/42
    BDV Astros: 26/2/42 to 31/12/44
    HMS Michael Griffiths: 01/01/43 to 06/09/45
    HMS Rooke: 07/09/45 to 27/09/45
    HMS Ferret: 28/9/45 to 07/12/45
    HMS Rooke: 08/12/45 to 17/2/46

    Discharged to shore in Class A on 17 Feb 1946

    Does anyone have any info regarding the above bases/ships at all please? Or the best way/books to obtain to find out? I have some limited info but HMS Rooke and HMS Michael Griffiths he seems to served longest with.


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  2. Hugh MacLean

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    He served as an AB quarters gunner in Boom Defence.
    HMS BARCASTLE was a BDV and her base accommodation ship at Sierra Leone was HMS EDINBURGH CASTLE ex-Union Castle steamship EDINBURGH CASTLE.
    HMS ELAND not ELAUD was the RN base at Sierra Leone.
    HMS BARCASTLE, HMS MARTINET, HMS ASTROS, HMS MICHAEL GRIFFITHS were the sea going drafts he had which were all employed as BDVs - the others were shore bases.
    HMS ROOKE was the boom defence central depot at Rosyth.
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    Brilliant, thanks for that Hugh. Apologies I got the spelling wrong of Eland, that’s why I couldn’t find out much about it!
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    Here is a page from the Royal Navy Red List Part One. It records Minor War Vessels in Home waters on 10 December 1944. It details ports where Boom Defence Vessels HMS ASTROS (Felixstowe) and HMS MICHAEL GRIFFITHS (Ipswich) were stationed on this date.
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    Thanks for that John, much appreciated.
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