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    My grandad was a pre war territorial with the 1/6th Btn South Staffordshire Regt.
    Before the Rgt was sent to France Jan 1940 he received papers to say he was in a reserved occupation (steel plater and welder) and was made to leave the army.
    My question is,would my grandad have any kind of service record that I could request?

    Regards Doug
  2. Doug Lewis

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    Any help would be apreciated

  3. He should have a Service Record @ The Army Records Office;Hayes Middlesex,getting your hands on it might prove difficult as they are @ present unreleased to the Public,If he is Still with us he could request a Copy of it Or If Not his Next of Kin Can request details,write to them giving as much detail as possible,Name DOB{DOD]Regiment, Number, Rank,etc ,With Written permission from NoK to disclose details,I believe they now charge for all other than Service Persons Personal Requests;Good Luck
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    Sgt Pilot Bernard Henson RAFVR

    Thanks for your help,I know the process of getting the information but wasn't sure if he would have any records,I will aply for them,if there isn't any records I've not lost anthing by trying. Thanks again.

    Regards Doug

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