Grand Uncle who died in Lancastria incident

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  1. Hi everyone

    I am trying to find out a little bit more about my Grand Uncle: Thomas, John Colin (22) Pte 1 Base Ordnance Depot RAOC 7594156*.

    We had always assumed he had died at Dunkirk but recently discovered he went down with the Lancastria on 17th June, 1940.

    I am now trying to look into a little bit more detail as to what his unit was up to. How he found himself there? If there are any known survivor accounts from people who might have been part of his unit? I would be grateful for really information that can be found or insights on where best to look. I must admit, I was not familiar with the Lancastria at all until I got curious as to how my Grand Uncle actually died.

    Following his death, his younger sister (my grandma) ran away from home to support during the Battle of Britain and ultimately met my grandfather.

    Thank you!


    PS have uploaded a copy of his certificate.

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  2. Deacs

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    Welcome Michael,

    Firstly you should apply for his service records this will give you a start in finding out about your great uncle.
    Request records of deceased service personnel

    Secondly when you have his service file and find out what regiment he was in you could ask one of the members here on the forum who do a good job in supplying folk with war diaries at a very good price, Andy now he is our 1940 expert who may already have the war diaries or Lee

    But to keep you going here is a link to the Lancastria Archive Lancastria Archive
    With loads of information and a casualty list which your Great Uncle is listed on, Roll of honour | Lancastria Archive

    And if I've missed anything someone will add to if they see this.

    Good luck and regards Mike.
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  4. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

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