Gordon Huntley, R.A.F. - steel guitarist

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    He's probably best known for being a member of Matthews Southern Comfort, playing the pedal steel on their No. 1 hit single, Woodstock, in 1970. Although Gordon was reportedly born in 1930, Iain Matthews, in his new autobiography, says that while everyone else in the band was in their 20s, Gordon was supposedly in his 40s. Iain and Gordon shared a room when the band toured, and one night, according to Iain, Gordon was screaming "We're in a spin, we're in a spin" in his sleep. On being woken, Gordon told Iain that during the war he'd flown in Lancasters as a navigator, and had been shot down three times.

    Born at Newbury, Berkshire he died in 1988 from cancer. Gordon Huntley - Wikipedia

    Can anyone confirm that he served in the R.A.F. during the war, and, if he did, was he more likely to have been born in the 1920s?


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