Gordon Higlanders?

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    William Forgie
    Birth 25 NOV 1879 • Ravenscraig, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    Death 25 MAY 1952 • Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

    This is my wifes Gt Grandfather - William Forgie, wondering if shed any light oh his records,, he is top right in the photo, looks a lot older so Im guessing this could be WW1 - regiment appears to be Gordon highlanders 7f974533-2bb8-4f20-a0ee-5db5390b862c.jpg
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    Yes I would say First World War Gordon Highlanders.

    There are Medal Index cards for two William Forgie's who served in the Gordons-

    Search results: william forgie | The National Archives

    You will need to see if service records are available on ancestry or the like to chase it further. (They may have been destroyed).

    You could also post it on the Great War Forum.

    Are his medals in the family? They will have his service number.


    I think the piggy would be nervous if he knew what was in the box:-P
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    Managed to find both on same page:

    6849 9th GH
    2029 (later 2403984) 5 GH - SWB Award so must have been wounded at some stage.


    Hope this helps

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    5th (1/5th) Gordon Highlanders were from the Peterhead area where your William Forgie was born.

    1st/5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

    The man sitting in front of William Forgie possibly has a T (indicating territorial) and numeral barely visible on his right epaulette. That would also align with the 5th Gordons.

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