Gordon Highlanders, Munich, 1945

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    During my last visit to NARA II, College Park, MD, I found
    this U.S. Army Signal Corps' photograph of Willie Simm of
    the Gordon Highlanders.

    The 5th Bn drum of the Gordon Highlanders, lost in France
    in May 1940, was returned to the Bn in June 1945. It had
    been recovered by the U.S. Seventh Army.

    This is the only photo I scanned at 1200 dpi that weekend.

    The image is resized for this forum.

    III-SC 354674, Credit NARA.

    If anyone would like a high-resolution copy, just let me know.


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  2. Jaeger

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    Wonderful picture, and nice information.
  3. Drew5233

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    Cheers Owen - I ignored it because it said 1945 :p

    Great pic !

    Lots of Battalions hide and buried their Drums when retreating. I posted some pics on the forum a few years ago where the Welsh Guards destroyed theirs 'allegedly' and threw them into a river.

    I've ust read through 5th Gordon's diary for May and no mention of them hiding the drums. Sadly as is the case with many units within the 51st Div there is no diary for June.

    I don't suppose there is a date or location for May given?

  4. Owen

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    Just thought I'd add to the subject of drums that were left behind.
    2 Wilts managed to retain their drums all through the fighting in May 1940 but had to leave them behind when evacuated.
    After the war , efforts were made to relocate them but to no avail.
    19 years later one was discovered in Silkeborg, Denmark and a second in a cafe at Malo-les-Bains.
    Both were ceremoniously returned to the Regiment on 7 January 1959.

    From Martin McIntyre's book The Wiltshire Regt 1914-1959.
  5. dave500

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    According to the Gordon's museum, the drum was lost at Metz
    "just prior to the 51st (Highland) Division's fighting withdrawal
    to St Valery.

    "On 23 March 1945, Capt. Thomas O'Rorke, of the
    10th U.S. Armored Division of the Seventh U.S. Army,
    found a drum in the officers' quarters in the Kasserine
    Artillery near Baumholden.

    "This drum belonged to the 5th Battalion and had been
    presented by Capt. W. Stephens, of Peterhead."


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