Goole Zeppelin Memorial Restored

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    A Memorial and Dedication Service took place at Goole Cemetery on Sunday 9th August 2015 to remember the civilians who lost their lives on 9th August 1915 during an attack by a Zeppelin which dropped bombs over the town.

    The Memorial stone was in quite a bad condition and it was decided that it should be restored to it's original condition in time for the 100th anniversary of the attack on the town.

    The Memorial-

    In December 1918 a War Memorial Committee was established to discuss and decide upon the method of memorial which would be suitable for the town. From the outset of the matters raised was the fact that any memorial should make reference to those killed during the Zeppelin air raid. The funding of the memorial scheme would be by public subscription.

    It would take two years of fund raising and disputes but in February 1922 a memorial to the civilian casualties was unveiled on 12th February 1922. (Reports say that over 5000 people attended).

    Picture previously posted on the forum which shows the stone in a bad condition

    The event was well attended yesterday with descendants of those killed placing flowers on the memorial. Thought I would share some photographs from the service.
    Zeppelin Memorial 002.JPG Zeppelin Memorial 005.JPG Zeppelin Memorial 007.JPG Zeppelin Memorial 011.JPG Zeppelin Memorial 014.JPG Zeppelin Memorial 016.JPG

    The BBC News team were present and hopefully some video of the service will be on Humberside (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) TV tonight around 6.30pm

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    Thankyou for the excellent report and photographs.
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    Very good to know that such a memorial has been renewed. Excellent pictures, thanks for showing them.
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    Lesley thanks for posting. It is good to see such Memorials being restored.


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