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Discussion in 'General' started by bugleboy2323, Dec 8, 2012.

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    I just watched a 1min plus video of a German,remote controlled mine and Im wondering if these things were for real?ive never heard them mentioned in all my years.for anyone wanting to view it just google in my thread title.B/B2323
  2. Drew5233

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  3. bugleboy2323

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    thanks Drew for the link,just found them hard to believe,was the allies into this sort of thing too?
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    Well, I've only been making models of military vehicles for about 40 years, but I have been aware of the Goliath and other remote controlled explosive vehicles for most of that time. I would add that the actual Goliath was not big enough even to carry one man (I think there is one at Bovington) and does not appear in the link given above as far as I can see. The one that was driven to war and then remotely controlled to its destruction was the Borgward BIV, much bigger than the Goliath (BI).

    I believe they were quite widely used at Anzio.


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