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    I have just found the BAYEUX OS Map that you posted a few years ago and wonder
    Please could you let me have a copy of the adjoining map to the south if you have it. My father was Adjutant of the Hallamshire Battalion and was involved in the battles around Fontenay le Pesnel

    Thank you kindly
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    That particular map is a 'one off' intended to show Port Winston and the other infrastructure developments in about August 1944. I'm not aware of any other maps in the series. Lots of maps exist of the Fontenay le Pesnel area, the best likely being 7F/1 Caen at 1:50000 scale (copies are available online in various libraries).
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    Link to Caen 7F/1 for you (McMaster University Archives). You can download it in two resolutions, medium or high (1Gb file) (give it a minute to download)


    A quick “screen shot” from the map……you can zoom in and out, take a screen shot of the area you need…….or download the entire file for your use as required.

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    ...and I'm guessing Tessel Wood in particular?
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    did you keep copies of the LSI Empire Arquebus pics and the LCAs at Spithead? If so would very much like to see them?
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    Has anyone got anymore detailed information on 176 battery / 146 Regt HAA - my grandfather served with them and I am investigating his movements through 1944 and 1945
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    [/quote] Ram SP 25pr from 147 Field Regiment RA [/quote]
    I thought for the invasion that everyone converted to 105mm and M7 Priest with conversion back to 25pdr in late June.
    Wonderful listing never seen anywhere else
  8. Only 3 Br Inf Div and 3 Cdn Inf Div converted to M7. The three Fd Regts under command 50 (N) Div were Sexton-equipped. More details here:
    Sexton Units in NW Europe question


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