'God on trial' UK TV.

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Peter Clare, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    Not sure if this will be worth watching but might just give it a try.

    God on Trial

    Wednesday 3 September. BBC2 9pm - 10.30 pm

    Unsettling one-off drama by Frank Cottrell Boyce set in Auschwitz. A group of prisoners try to understand the nature of a deity who can allow so much suffering, and attempt to settle their dispute by putting the Almighty on trial. Knowing half of them will be sent to the gas chamber, the inmates realise they only have one day to reach a verdict. Starring Stephen Dillane, Rupert Graves, Stellan Skarsgard and Antony Sher
  2. Herakles

    Herakles Senior Member

    Do you know what they decided? Or must you watch this programme to find out?
  3. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Peter - a most appropriate date for such a show and theme as it is generally accepted in the Catholic Faith to be the Feast day of Saint, Pope Pius Xth who warned that "Modernism - the sewer of all heresies" which he fought with his encyllical "Pascendi" - would return in a more virulent form - which it did in 1962 /65...and the world hasn't been the same since then !
  4. Herakles

    Herakles Senior Member

    It certainly hasn't been the same since. The major failing of all religions is that they never adapt to a changing world and they always blame the change on the forces of evil.
  5. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Thanks Peter, will try and make a date with that tonight. I am curious as to the outcome ...

  6. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I'm not religious. More a crusty old agnostic....But when you are old you begin to realise what a wonderful place this is. This blue and green Jewel floating in space.

    I don't know if there is a god? a big boss? Or some Deity out there somewhere? If there is? then my guess he or she, would be just about fed up with the antics of those little beings that scurry around on the surface.

    This Earth is a place of never ending wonder and beauty. And we have been given the privilege of experiencing it. In all its moods.

    IT is not the fault of a God, whatever he is called, or if he exists, it is the Bloody Idiots that live on this Jewel that cause the trouble.

    Only humans create Concentration camps and organised murder. And its only idiots like my mates, and myself, that had to go out and put things right.
  7. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Well said Brian.
  8. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    Well said Brian.

    I'll second that
  9. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    I am not religious - I used to be when I went to church - but the discussion about the deity is not so terrible. Acc. to the Christian faith we were given free will. It is up to us how we conduct ourselves. The subject of questioning/doubting G-d and His wisdom, is extensively illustrated in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. And He apparently forgave those who did and returned to Him ... a dialogue is better than no conversation at all in these terms. After all, if one blames G-d, one is at least acknowledging His existence.

    I am reminded that there were apparently 'no atheists in foxholes'; however, this scenario does seem a little different - and the odds against survival quite a lot higher. I am looking forward to seeing it, and how it covers the subjects of the Holocaust and religion. Let's hope it's not disappointing.

    Brian - you're right, it is a wonderful place, sometimes I need reminding.

  10. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    dbf -
    I live too far away to see this show but - I am a christian and go along with you on the fact that survival is getting tougher owing to our own twisted "free will"
    and don't need a show to tell me what will happen if we don't start behaving - see Fatima 1917 - OR Akita 1973 -it's all there !
  11. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I'll share something very personal with you. Years ago the war injuries caught up with me, and that ugly old fellow with the great big scythe came after me.

    I teetered on the edge of death, and had a near death experience. I have never found words to describe the pure beauty and "Goodness" of that experience. It has stayed with me for many years. The consequence of that is. I do not fear death in the same way as previously.

    As far as a I am concerned, when I leave this battered old frame behind, I shall start some new adventure, somewhere out there. Who knows what awaits us?
    I just hope they don't have any of those bloody Germans to muck things up !
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  12. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Quietly! Quietly! Whisper my Name.

    So many long years ago I died, under Norman apple trees.
    But now my Spirit wanders, as a warm and gentle breeze.
    Hush! Quietly, Whisper my name, in that long forgotten place.
    Then feel the warmth of my Spirit, caress lightly on your face.

    For now, I am the jewelled Summer Lark, that soars on high.
    Bright in heavens concert hall, my song will fill the sky.
    I am the tumbling cloud’s that rise, to touch the face of Joy.
    No longer held by earthly bonds, a once young and vital boy.

    In an instant life was swept away, in a brutal savage war.
    Look not for me in Normandy, for I am there no more.
    I am the peace in woodland glades, in veiled cascades of green.
    Feel me close, in your times of joy, sensed, but never seen.

    Whisper my name, and hear my voice, in cascading woodland spring,
    Or England's flowered primrose banks, wherein the bluebells ring.
    Don’t mourn for me, quietly call my name, I'll visit in your dreams.
    And, fill your mind with the beauty, of heavens joyous scenes.

    Hush! Hush! Just whisper, quietly, call my name.
    Whisper quietly.

    Brian Guy.
  13. Gibbo

    Gibbo Senior Member

    I've just watched it and found it to be very powerful and disturbing, more because the characters, and the viewer, knew that it was going to end with half of them being sent to the gas chamber, than because of the nature of the trial of God. They actually tried him for breaking his covenant with the Jewish people, rather than debating whether or not he existed.
  14. Herakles

    Herakles Senior Member

    What lovely posts this thread has generated.

    It sounds like it was a moving documentary, one I would like to watch but of course not living in the UK denies me this.

    Fear of death eh? That could be an interesting thread!
  15. Gibbo

    Gibbo Senior Member

    It was very moving but it was a drama, not a documentary. BBC dramas are often released on DVD so you may get a chance to see it.
  16. Drew5233

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  17. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

  18. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Oh.....Thats pants :D
  19. Herakles

    Herakles Senior Member

    I think iPlayer only viewable in the UK.

    BBC iPlayer - God on Trial

    I said that! The shits check the IP address. there's no way I can watch BBC TV material.
  20. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Has anyone recorded it and can make a copy to send on to you?

    It is repeated again at 0125hrs on the 8th September on BBC1.

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