Gnr P T Walker Royal Artillery 27 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

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    Hello All,

    I am relatively new to this sort of research and whilst trawling through my family tree on Ancestry (which I redid twice due to merging two completely different families....), I tripped over Gunner Walker.

    Not knowing a lot of my family history I had to ask my dad, Uncles and my second cousin once removed to bring me upto speed on Percy Walker. He's not a blood relation, but he married one of my great aunts and is the granddad to my second cousin. The family are extremely interested in piecing together his military story. Hence here I am.

    So far I know the following about P T:
    - Royal Artillery, 27 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment
    - Attended battle of Tobruk 1942 whereby he was initially listed as Missing
    - Record updated to reflect he was a POW initially at Capua Transit Camp
    - Transferred to Lamsdorf Stalag Luft VIII-B.

    He did return home and so far, from what I have found on Forces War records and Ancestry, he was De-mobbed in 1946. Apprently, he was always quite sadly affected by his war experience, and never really revealed what went on to his family.

    I currently do not have his war records, I need to apply for a copy of those, which I am working towards when the family finds the death certificate/I order a copy cause we don't know where it is! For this sub section of forum at least, I wish to try and peice together the military aspect in terms of activity, enrolment etc. Questions pertaining to his POW days will be posted in the POW section.

    I'm really asking if there is anyone out there who is versed on the activities of the 27th LAAR, or someone who could point me in the right direction on the topic. I have to admit, I got somewhat giddy with excitement that a relative was at Tobruk, as I find that to be a rather interesting theatre and its something I want to learn more about.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. davidbfpo

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    Welcome aboard. The 27th / 27 LAA Regiment appear here:

    1. The mysterious 27th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment Using 27th
    2. Six other threads using 27: 27 light anti aircraft regiment ra | WW2Talk

    Needless to say there are many threads on Tobruk and POW Camps. The forum's search engine is not great, so best to use for example "27th light anti aircraft regiment" + ""

    It is possible your subject appears here, so best to post his full name and DoB if known. Percy is often shorthand for Percival.

    Some advice on research via PM next.
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  4. Bruce92

    Bruce92 Member

    Many thanks to both of you, got some reading to do!

    Yes thank you for messages will look now.
  5. Bruce92

    Bruce92 Member

    Thanks for the replies so far, i have built up a background, somewhat, to P T's regiment.

    I have requested the death certificate for P T so i can put in an application for war records. Hopefully this one goes well, as I just got denied another one because I didn't have an army number.....
  6. bofors

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    It helps if you have the right regiment, do you have access to Ancestry?
    If so under
    UK, World War II Royal Artillery Tracer Cards, 1939-1948
    is the following
    Name: Percy Thomas Walker
    Enlistment Date: 29 Jul 1940
    Discharge Date: 3 Jan 1946
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    Military Unit: 28 Lt Anti-Aircraft Regt RA
    Service Number: 1599499

    More information on the card and you have his service number now.


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  7. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    hello Bruce as advised across 2 threads you do not require service number. Who denied you the service records without a service nmber?
    You only require
    Date of birth
    Death cert
    And £30 to apply
  8. davidbfpo

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  9. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Please get the service records all other leads unless qualified will send you up dead ends
  10. Bruce92

    Bruce92 Member

    Have saved that to the "shoebox" function and have found it useful, as I did links before it. It does state 28th, but I find clashing information as Forces War Records search of service number shows 27th/107. Strange.

    The second thread is about a different relative, just as an FYI.

    It was someone from the records place in Glasgow that emailed me. The records requested were for my Gr- granddad E M Benner. Who's details I will provide later when I have some more time this evening.

    I'm not applying for PT just yet as I need his death certificate. He died over 25 years ago, but was not born over 116 years ago, so certificate needs to be provided. I'm working on it. Hopefully that clears it up. Sorry for confusion.

    One of replies above that also to be true as wr found the same tracer card on ancestry site.

    Problem is he's labelled on another record on Forces War Records as being 27th/107 LAA. I will cross reference and double check tonight when I have more free time.

    Thank you, I am working towards that, but at this time any small nugget of information helps build a picture in the meantime.

    I'm sorry of the second thread confused everyone. This thread is about a non blood relative, P T married my great aunt, and is the father of my cousins once removed. The whole family is interested in me conducting research into his military history and as I am researching the family ancestry anyway, it made sense to have a stab. I feel I've bit off more than one can chew though.

    The other thread is about my Great Grandfather. Who's details I will put on that thread later tonight.

    I deeply apologise for the confusion but wanted to keep both people separate.
  11. timuk

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    Don't get confused. This means 107 Battery 27th LAA Regiment. It should be written as 107/27 and this is how it is shown for him on the Casualty Lists.

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  12. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    As far as I can see 107 and 149 Batteries were always with the 27th Regt LAA so I suspect the first entry on the tracer card with 28th Regt may be an error.

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  13. timuk

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  14. Bruce92

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    Yes all of that makes sense Tim, thank you.

    I'm quite sure on the basis we know, that the 28th marking is erroneous, so that helps narrow the field a bit now it's basically conformed.

  15. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Bruce its all ok all i am saying you just need the records because whilst you are receiving bits and pieces on here the records will help so apply as soon as possible

    well do for taking on though
    Some very good and calm people on here
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  16. Bruce92

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    I will do and I do appreciate the clamness the forum has.

    I'm chasing down my emails over a death certificate, so all being well application soon!
  17. Bruce92

    Bruce92 Member

    Ok Update time!

    I finally got hold of Percy's Death Certificate last week. I have since scanned the document, and applied for his war records. I can foresee that My lack of direct connection might be an issue, so I might have to reapply again under plan B by getting my Cousin to do the application. So we shall see what comes of it. Hopefully my friends at the records department will understand I'm conducting all the family research, I suppose it depends what mood they are in.

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