Ginger Baker: we've just lost another unique drummer

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by SteveDee, Oct 6, 2019.

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    His father was killed on Leros during the Dodecanese Campaign.


    His middle name, Louvain, suggests a link to German atrocities there in 1914 shortly before he was born.
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  4. bamboo43

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    A great drummer that bridged many genres of music. However, not an easy man to please or befriend.

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    Jack Bruce died 5 years ago this month. That leaves only Eric Clapton still with us.

    Cream’s music is immortal though.

    A US based colleague of mine specialises in providing services to the music industry and especially rock bands. He is a big fan of British blues/progressive rock bands. He mentioned that he had never heard a better drummer than Ginger Baker, saying his timing was flawless.

    RIP Ginger Baker.

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    A truly brilliant band !!
  7. Charley Fortnum

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    Bonham, Moon, Baker and Mitch Mitchell.

    Now all gone.

    There was something in the water back then.
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    Not that they drank much water
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    I have a brilliant LP by the Baker Gurvitz Army. Elysian Encounter. 1975.

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