GHQ Camp Persia and Iraq Command

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    I am interested in this establishment in about 1945/46.
    If anyone has any information or advice on where to seek information it would be gratefully received!
    Many Thanks
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    I don't know if it helps, but on the Britain's Small Wars website is an article with a title something like "Pink Elephants on the road to Baghdad" (the Pink Elephant being the Iraq unit marking)

    Persia and Iraq command

    This organization comprised 10th Army and its bases and geographically covered the areas described in its title. It was involved in operations in Iraq in 1941 during an uprising and in the security of the region throughout the war. It's badge was a red elephant's head on a blue background although the red elephant had been beached pink in the sun, hence 'Pink Elephant's on the Basra Road' and was said to of been chosen by its first commander, General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson also known as 'Jumbo'. Following the war this badge continued to be worn by British forces serving in the region including the 19th Indian Infantry Brigade Group with which I served.

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