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    > 321GFA, 377PFA, 463PFA, 907GFA

    I found the known standard "charts" depicting roughly the organization of such Bn's...
    Idem for the T/O&E

    But I looking for more details like :
    What services/sections/squads are included in the HQ beside the unit commander ?
    S-1/S-2/S-3/S-4 ?
    Fire Direction Center ?
    Others ?

    The same goes for :
    * HQ & Services Battery
    * Firing Battery
    * Medical Section
    * Other(s) S

    And also :
    * Who is dealing with the ammo and distribution.
    * Who cares for the vehicles, guns, individual weapons ?
    * Who deals with the food, kitchen, ... ?
    * Who cares for the communication (wires, telephones, radios, switchboards,...) ?
    * ...
    Nothing of that can be found in the standard "chart".

    Any idea where to look for ?

    Already thanks for your help !
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    For anyone hoping to find information related to the subject, here are some links to the "standard charts".
    Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
    Glider Field Artillery Battalion

    US Army airborne doctrine was modified as a result of their experiences in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Some changes were made prior to Normandy and changes continued until the Rhine crossing. Specifically, by the end of the war, most GFABn's were re-equipped with the short barreled 105mm howitzer and reorganized into three 4 gun batteries. I have doubts that the 1/4 ton jeep was adequate to tow the 105mm but I have not come across direct information of a change.
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    Staff functions in battalion/regiment are as follows:
    S-1 Personnel
    S-2 Intelligence
    S-3 operations, combat and training
    S-4 logistics and supply

    The same functions at divsion level or higher are:
    G-1 Personnel
    G-2 Intelligence
    G-3 operations, combat and training
    G-4 logistics and supply

    Below is a link to Field manual for staff officers which will explain more. It is 1950 version, my 1940 version is too big to upload and ican't find it on web again...

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    Thank you !

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