Germany invades France

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    im currently writing an essay about WW2 and im looking for some information about what happened after Germany Invaded France. Any info would be welcomed, i already know a lot about WW2 but i need dates of events.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Don't forget to write an introduction about the previous German invasions of France in 1870-71 and 1914-18 which had robbed France of a large proportion of her male population.
    Explaining her weak initial resistance.
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    Things to include on my essay:

    • Key battles that could have gone differently and the consequences of that
    • Brief history on key members of the Third Reich and the axos powers and the allies

    • Allies and potential - Axis powers (Italy, Germany and Japan) The allies (France, America, Britain and the Soviet Union
    • Key people in the Axis Power’s and The Allies military
    • The End of the second world war
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    You've done a good job on your outline. If you don't mind, please post your essay here when you are finished with it. I'm sure a lot of us would like to read it.
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    i can post what ive done so far, but i may nned to do it as a PDF
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    as mentioned elsewhere - this essay is yours - as Dave55 says we would be interested to read it when its finished - can I ask are you writing 2 essay's - one on the German Occupation of France and another on Barbarossa??

  10. James2019

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    no, 1 essay. the point of my essay is to look at it from the Germans pov, and what would happen if they had won key battles that could have gone differently and the consequences of that
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    Its something we dont really cover here - the 'what if' scenarios it is effectively impossible to know what would have happened if someone had turned right instead of left, because that creates its own series of events that you cannot predict and to be honest - whats the point, what can be learned

  12. James2019

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    so are you saying that im wasting my time then?
  13. Dave55

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    I don't think you are wasting your time at all. Just stick to the bulleted items in your outline but maybe modify the first one:

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  14. Mr Jinks

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    I don`t think TD is saying that at all. I think he is telling you not to ask `what ifs` ,all you will gain is every individuals perception and views on something which historically didn`t happen? A million different viewpoints ! If you need that one answering its better to write down your own views and seek out help on the known historical events if you need to?
    DO NOT POST YOUR ESSAY ! at least not until if is marked! I do not know what the essay is for but if its for college or university once completed it will be checked for Plagiarism (presenting someone else's work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. All published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition)
    If you post it here before you have it marked it may show on an internet check . You do not want to lose marks by having your work compared to your very own draft! :)

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    You are not wasting your or anyone else's time, however please be mindful that this is a history Forum so, by definition, we talk about what actually happened rather than what might have happened (the so-called 'what if' scenarios). In that respect we can therefore, again by definition, only help you to a certain degree. Your topic is effectively a form of 'War Gaming' aka 'what if' and consequently very valuable in that context: most organisations look at this sort of thing in identifying their strategy. In commerce it's a 'marketing - as compared to sales - meeting', in the military its 'War Gaming' - trying to fathom what might happen and therefore trying to find a way to counter it. The stereotypical answer to your overall question is that 'we would all be speaking German': the real answer is clearly a lot more complicated than that and consequently I for one would be very interested to read your completed essay. Good Luck.
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    Dates for which events?

    Which battles?

    Which battles?

    From the top.
    What happened after Germany invaded France? They, the Germans, gave the French a good kicking, the French surrendered and the Germans occupied a large chunk of France. Later they occupied the rest of metropolitan France too. Then, later, the British and Americans kicked them out of France altogether.
    If some of the key battles had gone differently, maybe France would not have fallen, or Belgium, and not suffered Nazi occupation. Maybe there would have been no Dunkirk and no Battle of Britain. Maybe the war would have come to a sooner end with a lot less people dieing and suffering.

    Do you have any math homework you need help with?

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