German War Criminals.The UNWCC names its first war criminal

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    This is how the Daily Telegraph of 6 June 1945 reported that the UNWCC had identified name of the first major German war criminal.

    It declared that it had prima facie evidence on which to try Goering as a war criminal.

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    I would think that we will be able to see a revisiting of the UN legal case, as the year of 1945 progressed, against the excesses of the Third Reich and those in its administrative and military structures.

    By this time,I would think that Himmler had been struck off the list but there was still a huge task facing the UNWCC and the former occupied countries where crimes against humanity had been committed, to bring those involved to book.

    This is against a background that Stalin believed in swift justice....his own feeling expressed to the Allied leaders informally was that 50 of the most prominent Nazis should be rounded up and was probably only a start.
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    I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before but the documents relating to UNWCC War Crime trials are here;-

    and Free!

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    Thanks Mr Jinks for that source....should be a very interesting place to ascertain what was going off in terms of being the war criminals to book.

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